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You Asked, I Answered

You Asked, I Answered

As you may or may not have noticed, I have an Ask Laura page on this site. Some of you curious readers have been taking my advice and Asking Laura. The time has come for answers. (Note: not every question asked will be featured, but if you leave your email in the question box, I will send an answer.)

Q: Why are you so cool?

For starters, in the words of a lady named Gaga, baby I was born this way. But really, cool is a relative term. If by cool you mean nippy, chilly or brisk, then my answer would probably have something to do with my thyroid. However, if by cool you mean groovy, phat, and hip well then gosh! You flatter me. Maybe you think I’m so cool because I think I’m so cool. It’s all a mind game people.

Q: Dear Laura, how on Earth can we dress like you on a budget? Love, your fan from the getgo.

Dear Fan-From-The-Getgo,

First off, I love my fans. They keep me cool. (GET IT?!) And to answer your question in one word, Zara. I don’t think I am capable of walking into their 5th avenue store and leaving empty-handed. They are brilliant at producing runway inspired (sometimes runway copycat) pieces fast and at an affordable price. I do sometimes have an issue with the copycat part of it, especially when I walk through the store playing a fun game that I like to call “Which designer did they copy this time?” It usually consists of the likes of Balmain, Isabel Marant, Prada, Kenzo and Dries van Noten. It's probably not as obvious to anyone who doesn't call Style.com their home away from home because it's usually not a direct copy. It's a tough issue because most contemporary brands at an affordable price point are derivative in one way or another. Once you can get past that, they really are the best at fast fashion. Plus, their campaigns (this one featuring Cara Delevingne) are so gooooooood.

Topshop is great for fun jewelry, bags and shoes and they definitely have their share of edgified, usually-budget-friendly fashion. I do sometimes find great pieces from H&M (I recently bought these light blue trousers and a wicked pair of leather trousers), it's just more of a treasure hunt type experience, which occasionally I find thrilling. As for online shopping, Asos makes the world go round. Nasty Gal is another winner when you are looking for solid trendy pieces online at a fair price point.

One piece of advice: be picky. Don't let price alone win you over. Really think about what you are buying, how many ways you can wear it, if it can carry you through seasons, and if you love it. It's easy to get carried away with fast fashion so shop smart! Scroll through some budget friendly pieces that I picked out special for you, Fan-From-The-Getgo:


Q: Did you dress up for Purim? Need pictures!

I stole my sister's rad Where's Waldo glasses, which was pretty much my whole costume. I was an edgified version of Iris Apfel meets Edna from the Incredibles meets Claire Danes' wine lips meets Pepe Le Pew's black and white color story.


I was really into how the plastic glasses looked on me and convinced many curious observers that they were in fact Tom Ford glasses. Mwahahaaaa. You can't see them in the photo but I was wearing my leather trousers from H&M with my wedge sneakers and a neighbor told me "I love your costume! What are you a hip-hop dancer?" I died. And then came back to life and said "No…this is just what I felt like wearing today." That comment made my day! I was tempted to go around asking random people what they thought I was dressed up as. I did contemplate dressing up as Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook with a grey sweatsuit and a garbage bag…there's always next year.

How do you feel about those obnoxiously large black frames? Love em? Hate em? Don't care? Tell meh!

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