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My obsession with the color (or lack thereof) white is becoming unhealthy. For my budget. And my pale skin. (Attractive, I KNOW) But I can’t help it! I’m craving white like a pregnant woman craves…chalk?! So…I just googled “Pregnancy cravings” to see if what I’m feeling towards white really does relate to a preggers craving…and I come across this list of top ten most common strange pregnancy cravings:

1. Ice
2. Coal
3. Toothpaste
4. Sponges
5. Mud
6. Chalk
7. Laundry Soap
8. Matches
9. Starch
10. Rubber



Uhhh…Yeah. That was too weird not to share with the class. Back to my point. WHITE. I’ve been yapping about it since the birth of this blog (think i’m stuck on the pregnancy thing?) Click here for a refresher. Back then I was ranting about white on white on white apparel. Now I’m obsessing over the, shall I say, shredded coconut on top? AKA accessories. AKA I was gonna go with cherry on top, but being that cherries are typically red, I cleverly remixed the saying to fit the occasion. Now how do you like them apples cauliflowers??

It all began with shoes. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect white pointy toe pumps for weeks now. This week, the universe delivered them to me in a beautiful, shiny, white Manolo Blahnik box, while my bank account gently weeps.

But they are worth it! I mean come ON!

Additionally, of course I’ve been searching for a great pair of wedge sneakers a la the Queen of Cool, Isabel Marant. But while my bank account was weeping ever so gently, guilt washed over me and the Maxxinista in me came out with a vengeance. Okay, maybe Maxxinista is a bit of an exaggeration, but point being I was determined to find a pair that were just as cool for a more reasonable price and GUESS WHAT? I found em! Browsing Luisaviaroma.com I came across these babes for a fraction of what Isabel Marant’s cost:

These are by Lemare and guess what else?! They are WHITE. Ok. You get it. But how shmawsome are they?

Next up, arm candy. AKA shoulder candy. AKA handbags.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect white bag for spring because what is fresher than that? (I ask a lot of rhetorical questions when I’m excited, on a forum that doesn’t allow for answers…So what? Who cares? Live ya life.)

Below are some of my dreamy, cloudy, icy, pale, frosty, you-get-the-point, white options.

Alexander Wang. Clean, sharp, easy…in the wise words of P*Trique; “Hashtag #TOTESAMAZE”

Givenchy Antigona Tote. Ridiculously chic. So me. Want one. Now. Amen.

Oh, the infamous Proenza Schouler PS1. In white. Yes please.

I’m sure you’re thinking how crazy I must be to buy a white bag for fear of the inevitable pen swipe or unstoppable drip of awning juice, but here’s my rationale: one of the best inventions known to mankind is here to save the day and that my friends is a little sumtn sumtn called White Out. Magic! Also, you don’t have to worry about bird crap - its white!

And with those last words of wisdom, I bid you adieu.

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