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When Did Modesty Become the New Sexy?

When Did Modesty Become the New Sexy?

Heres a new one for ya: modesty is trending.   

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Modesty?! Yes, modesty. As Suzy Menkes puts it, "A word so ancient and out of fashion, it requires a good dust off." Long gone are the days of body con dresses, skirts up to here with boobs out to there giving off an aura of sexy. Sexy is being redefined, being given a sophisticate and feminine facelift through longer hemlines, looser fits, slouchier pants, hidden waistlines and a new and appealing sense of mystery. Some are calling it the "No-Sex Sexy" movement. And as you can imagine, I'm loving every minute of it.

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Designers are showing more and more covered up looks that leave something to the imagination. See Stella McCartney's slouchy silhouettes, Proenza Schouler's boxy perfection and Valentino's demure femininity. Alexander Wang, Celine, Fendi, Dries Van Noten and Altuzarra? Covered-up-to-there-don't-care. It's so refreshing! Mind you, all of these looks are designed for Spring, formerly known as tis the season to be jolly naked fah la la la la, la la la la. 

Overt sexy dressing has become a total cliché. Like, we get it, you're trying to attract the opposite sex. Hashtag yawnify me. It's totally lost the cool factor. What's cool now is that pared-back elegance, that effortless, subtle way looser fitting clothes caress rather than suffocate a women's body. What's cool is that nonchalance, that indifference about covering up and leaving something to be desired. It's sort of like this rebellious attitude of women not caring. Of women dressing for themselves, and retiring the notion of dressing for men. And that requires a certain brand of confidence that happens to give off a sexier vibe than any cleave-enhancing, look-at-me, desperado dress in my opinion. Two HIPS and one HOORAY for the modern and modest woman!

It's the same idea behind the movement from platform to single sole pumps. From va-va-voom to femininity. This fun fact from the  NY Times piece sums it up perfectly: "Those platform shoes were, of course, popularized in the 16th century and worn by Venetian prostitutes to elevate themselves above the crowd." We are making progress, laydehs!

Let's play a fun game. It's called "Who seems sexier to you?" The girl with perfectly styled hair, a fully made up face (bold red lips included), a skintight dress with sufficient cleavage, shoulder and upper thigh exposure, and a pair of platform Louboutin pumps OR the girl with natural waves, a dash of mascara, natural lips, wide leg trousers that hang on her hips, a half tucked button down shirt with an oversized blazer slung around her shoulders, and a pair of single sole pointy toe Manolo pumps?

I'm going with girl numero dos, even though (or maybe because) the only skin showing would be her face, collarbone and hands. Do you agree?

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