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What’s a Fashimal?

What’s a Fashimal?

Ever look at a person and think “I know this is so wrong but she looks exactly like a raccoon!”  Happens to me all the time. I see animals in people, people in animals. Not in an offensive way - they just happen to look exactly like a raccoon. Could be a very cute raccoon, but a raccoon nonetheless.

I’ll get to the point. Some uber geniuses created a blog called Fashimals that’s pretty much BRILLIANT. They take fashion icons and animals and merge them into one to give birth to a Fashimal! Like I said, BRILLIANT. And hilarious. All in good fun.

Below are my favs:

Alber Elbaz - Do you die? I want a pet Alber Elbaz owl complete with bow tie and glasses.

Anna Wintour, like you couldn’t tell.

Andre Leon Talley, SO perfect.

Grace Coddington!!! Did this make your day or did this make your day?

Daphne Guinness. Of course she gets to be the flamingo. Wouldn’t life be wonderful if all flamingos dressed in McQueen Armadillos?


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