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What Will Beyonce Wear?

What Will Beyonce Wear?



I’m not sure if you’ve heard but today is Super Bowl Sunday, and I’m kinda sorta maybe a little stoked!

All of the excitement, the anticipation, the exhilaration, the suspense. Will there be a fumble? Which player will have the best touchdown dance? Who will WIN? Just kidding. Not even sure which teams are playing… It’s more like, who is going to have the funniest commercial? How long will I have to wait to see the half time show? WHAT WILL BEYONCE WEAR?! (Hashtag WWBW.)

I’m beaming with pride that the NFL chose BEYONCE (I will continue to mention her name in all caps for the duration of this post, out of respec, hold the t), only the fiercest diva of all time, to perform at the Pepsi halftime show.

I’d like to pronounce 2013, the year of BEYONCE. First, she has us counting down (yes that was a reference only real fans will catch) to the revival of our favorite girl band, Destiny’s Child. Then she sings at the presidential inauguration for President Obama. Fine, lip-syncs but we forgive her. Then she announces her HBO documentary coming out on the 16th (set your DVRs people!), and now the halftime show.

Some fans are concerned with questions like, will Blue Ivy finally make her debut? Will she be brave enough to sing Who Run the World, Girls at a predominantly male sporting event? Is America ready for this jelly?!

All excellent questions, however I am more concerned with the most pressing question of the day: What will BEYONCE wear? The requirements: something (Sasha) fierce, bold and dramatic with a dose of shine.

Of all the spring 2013 collections, I’ve narrowed my predictions down to two. The first is Balmain by Olivier Rousteing. The collection is fierce, bold and dramatic with a dose of shine, not to mention the black and white striped trousers that bear a strong resemblance to a referee’s uniform. Can you spell perfection?!



Plus, we already know B loves a good leather trouser, as witnessed by her tumblr page.

My second prediction is Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton, an entire collection inspired by bees in which the models’ heads were covered in beekeeper veils, and the clothes had a honeycomb motif. It would be the most amazing inside joke BEYONCE could pull by wearing something from the collection. (She calls her fans Beys and the name of her blog is Beyhive, in case you missed the pun.)



Only time will tell what Sasha Fierce chooses, but as you can see I have high hopes for this diva (I’m praying she doesn’t come out wearing a Nets jersey) because in her words, not mine, a diva is a female version of a hustler, of a hustler, of a of a hustler.


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