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Ugly Cool

Ugly Cool

Last week, as I was reading a piece in the NY Times Style section on designer Rachel Comey (who's clothes and shoes I adore), I came across a great phrase: Ugly Cool. In the article Jade Lai, the owner of the rad boutique Creatures of Comfort describes Rachel Comey; "Her designs are ... they’re a little bit, like, ugly cool. She takes risks that may not appeal to the masses, and people really appreciate that.”

Rachel Comey Spring 14 collection

Rachel Comey Spring 2014 Collection. Ugly cool at it's finest!

I love that phrase so much! How much, you ask? Like, so so so much. Like as much as I love the grandma from the Wedding Singer. "Ugly cool" is a fashion principle I live by. Sometimes when I get dressed, I look at myself in the mirror and wait for the mirror dance to strike. When it doesn't, I start to switch things up until I hit the sweet spot. And by "switching it up" I mean adding a pop of ugly. That must sound so strange to you but as Socrates always said, if it works for you, run forth young warrior and never look back. (Just kidding. Totally made that one up, but you believed it for a hot second didn't you? So basically Socrates and I, we are one and the same.)

If I can't get the mirror dance to happen, I'll add my pedophile-esque nonprescription eyeglasses to the look and voila! Or I'll switch out my boring (sexy) tight black moto pants for my wide-leg cropped tweed dwarf-esque trousers and it just feels so right. Other times I'll take off my really pretty heels and replace them with my clowny grandpa-esque white Rachel Comey oxfords and I instantly feel cool. Uglier too, but somehow that's where the cool magic lives.

This is such TLC moment: cue Unpretty.

So, because Hannukah is coming up, I'm giving you all a gift. What is it you ask? A guide to the internet's ugliest cool stuff. Yeah, you are welcome. Click through below and then tell me your thoughts in the comment section. WOOP.

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