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Trend Alert: Holey Grail

Trend Alert: Holey Grail

So every season, our favorite designers find new and innovative ways for us to show some skin, because even though we've evolved as humans, we still all have a soft spot for the first suit in the history of suits, yes, I am referring to the birthday suit...and yes, I'm looking  at you Eve. For Spring, we've been seeing a lot of sheer skirts on the runway that recall a certain European promotional jingle (I-see-London-I-see-France). There's also been a boatload (the chic-ified way of saying buttload) of lace, cough Burberry cough cough. But the most pious version of them all is what I've dubbed the Holey Moley Grail, cc @Hova, @JT.

Checkify it out:

Tod's runway Spring 14

timo weiland runway spring 14

oscar de la renta spring 14

jmendel spring 14 runway

topshop runway spring 14

J. Crew Spring 14

Pringle of Scotland Spring 14 runway

From top; Tod's, Timo Weiland, Oscar de la Renta, J. Mendel, Topshop, J. Crew, Pringle of Scotland

I don't think I'll ever look at my hole puncher the same way again. Kidding! I don't have a hole puncher...but if I did I would totally take some of my white t-shirts that may or may not already have a hole or two in them and attack them with said hypothetical hole puncher. I'd be one upping Moda Operandi when it comes to straight off the runway bragging rights, my t-shirt would be essentially FREE! Sometimes I worry that I'm selling my DIY genes short...

Anyone with a hole puncher and a penchant for Jay-Z and Jay-T collabos care to give this trend a whirl?

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