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Tilda Swinton For Chanel

Tilda Swinton For Chanel

Ummm, hi guys. Pressing question of the day… have you seen the latest Chanel campaign featuring Tilda Swinton? It's so imperfectly perfect, I almost, maybe, possibly, sorta, definitely want to frame it and hang it on my wall as art.



When I first saw the ads, I stared at them for a few minutes too long with a peculiar eyebrow (or two) and started contemplating the awesomeness of it. Chanel, with it's history of tradition and classics, is constantly being reinvented by the Kaiser (AKA Karl Lagerfeld, for the uninitiated). Just when you find yourself bored to tears by the predictability of popular models/actresses/celebrities fronting prominent campaigns, Karl offers the shock factor. By using Tilda, a completely quirky, edgified, androgynous persona with a mysterious, gravitational, unconventional beauty, Karl is offering the Chanel brand a really fresh-to-def image.

It's intriguing how much times are changing. The choice of face for a campaign used to be mostly driven by a certain look or popularity but these days models, actresses, artists and even bloggers, all bring a huge amount of depth (because of how much more we know about them due to social media) to any project or brand they represent, which makes the choice of girl even more interesting. In an age where over-exposure is the norm, we feel a new sort of intimacy with these celebrities. We feel like we know them on a completely different level. In turn, I find certain ad campaigns (who get it right) to have a lot more depth than they used to.





The other rad idea behind this campaign is seeing a brand with such a strong identity being able to reinvent itself over and over again. The ability to constantly stay so modern yet so authentically traditional is absolutely inspiring. To me at least...

Upon further inspection, I realized Tilda is Scottish and this Chanel collection was presented in Scotland, inspired by the Scottish, so, uh, ya. She was probably a really obvious choice. EVEN SO I still don't think that takes away from the magnificence of this pairing.

A penny dollar (see: inflation) for your thoughts?

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