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Tia + Tamara Meet Maje + Sandro

Tia + Tamara Meet Maje + Sandro

Riddle me this: What do Tia and Tamara, Serena and Venus, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Kim and Kourtney, Kate and Pippa, Danni and Jo have in common with Parisian brands Maje and Sandro? I know, I never liked tricky riddles either… so I’ll just tell you. SISTAH SISTAH!

Tia Judith Milgrom, the founder of Maje and Tamara Evelyne Chetrite, founder of Sandro are sisterz. With a Z. Because they are that cool. 2 peas, 1 pod. 2 girls, 1 mom (I hope.) 2 rad French brands, 1 big happy family. 2 is my lucky number, 1 is not. 2’s company, 3’s a crowd, 1’s a lonely piglet.

Ooo and wanna hear a fun fact? They keep the Sabbath too! I feel like they’re my soul sisters. Soul sister sister sisters. Ya follow? Eh? Eh?

Why are they so rad you ask? Excellent question, oh curious reader. Allow me to show you, because as they say “Actions Pictures speak louder than words.”

**Bloggers have lots of super powers. One such super power is their ability to changify perfectly fine words to include the ending -ify long-established sayings to fit their own wacky agendas.**


Let’s start with Alexa Chung as the face of Maje for Fall. It’s the equivalent of making Kate Moss the face of Edgify Me. It just makes sense.

Want Need that bag in my life.

That coat. Now that’s a piece. A piece of what you ask? Just a piece.


This picture made me say out loud to a room full of no one “Summer, I love you but it’s time for you to step aside. There’s a new man in town and his name is Ferguson Fall.” #GASP

This look is MAGIC. Magic I tell ya.

By now I think you know how I feel about white. But winter white?! Now ya got me doing cartwheels (or mini hops on the ground with arms flailing frantically in a sincere but sad attempt at cartwheeling.)

To conclude, (here’s the part where my Scramble With Friends expertise comes in handy) when you rearrange the letters in Sandro, you get RAD, SON. And Maje just sounds like Mayj - in Rachel Zoeinese. And there ya have it. These girls are MAJORLY RAD, SON.

Majified X Sandrofied = Edgified. Bam.

One last thing!

You’re welcome.

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