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The Tin Man Jeans Challenge: Grand Finale

The Tin Man Jeans Challenge: Grand Finale

For the grand finale Edgified look para la ShopStyle Tin Man Jeans Challenge, I thought to myself “Self, what would be the last thing the Tin Man would want to pair with his protective metal gear?” And that’s when I reached for my pastel knit sweater, my tweed jacket and a strand of pearls. Although now that I think about it, maybe I’m underestimating the (tin) man. He was all into singing about hearts and stuff, maybe his softer side would totally dig the pastel thing…

Tin Man Jeans Challenge, Look #5:

Rag & Bone platinum jeans

I know what you’re thinking, but this is not me hitchhiking. Who needs to hitchhike when you’ve got a yellow brick road? It’s actually me movin and groovin to “If I only had a heart….”

That’s me busting out to a mashup version…Goes something like “If I only had a heart (scratch scratch) heartbreaker you got the best of me (scratch scratch) my heart will go on and on…” Although, that mashup is kind of insensitive to the poor Tin Man who doesn’t have a heart. He’s probably in his yellow brick room now with a box of tissues singing along to T. Swift’s “Why ya gotta be so mean…”


Photographed above is reason #731 to enter to win these jeans: You can get the Tin Man look while keeping your heart beating and maintaining your leg crossing abilities. Now that’s a sweet deal right thurr.

The look: Mint sweater, Zara. Tweed jacket, Zara. Tin Man jeans, Rag & Bone. Shoes, 3.1 Phillip Lim. All photos by the amazing Lydia Hudgens.

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