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The Tale of the Harlem Skort Bag

The Tale of the Harlem Skort Bag

The beauty about fashion is that it’s one of the best forms of storytelling. Certain pieces in our wardrobe recall momentous, traumatic, hilarious and interesting stories in our lives.

Here’s one fab bag with a fab story:

Bag: the main character of this tall tale. Just kidding, it’s not tall, it’s short. Okay fine it’s average. In length not quality!

Shoes: the supporting actors (not really but they do complement the bag very well, don’t they?)

Same bag, new side. I like to call it my skort bag: two for the price of one!

Now for the story behind this mighty rad bag.

While working as the Fashion Director for Sam Edelman, in order to glean some fresh inspiration for our Tribe Vibe trend, I ventured to HarLUM to visit the authentic African market. ‘Twas quite the adventure. The colors were vibrant, the patterns authentic, the jewelry amazing, the inspiration abundant, oh and the air - the scent of fresh cow manure (yummay).

My coworker Jay and I bargained away as we gathered hand beaded jewelry, embossed brass cuffs, raffia woven bowls and rich printed caftans. And then a moment happened. I laid eyes on this bad boy (the “Skort” bag) and fireworks exploded. In. Mah. BELLEH. I knew it had to be mine. So we bought two. One for design inspiration and one for me of course.

That’s not the end of the story.

I skip back to the office all jolly and stuff, because, ya know, I just scored this amazing one-of-a-kind, handmade skort bag for $50. I then proceed to march around the office wearing said bag, bragging about it’s skort qualities when it hit me. The STENCH. Bum bum bum…..(as in dramatic music not as in shake your Brazilian bum bum).

I tried cleaning it, airing it out, I even Fabreezed the hell out of it but nothing was working! Oh, the tragedy! Oh, the despair!

Alas, Google came to the rescue. Would you believe there are over 1.2 million search results for “how to get rid of cow poop smell in leather bag”?!

So I stuffed it with newspapers for a week to absorb the smell (huh?) which actually helped.

Okay so, I still smell faintly of a cow who bathes in Fabreeze when I wear the bag, but hey, it’s a one-of-a-kind hand made skort bag and I love it so who the hell cares?!

The end.

Happy Thursday!

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