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The Rucksack Moment

The Rucksack Moment

Pre-Fall has begun and already some key trends are beginning to emergify.

The cropped pant, the fashion sweatshirt, the remixed bomber jacket, and the rucksack/backpack/knapsack/book bag, whichever floats your boat, rides your motorcycle, drives your car etc. It has shown up in two rad collections from two of my rad homeboys: Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim, both featured in the white variety. WHITE! All I want for Hanukkah is a white bag, preferably Phillip Lim’s 31 Hour bag… Anyone? Bueller?


(Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim.)

While we’re on the subject, let’s not neglect to discuss the most expensive rucksack I’ve ever seen. The byproduct of a collabo between the Row and Damien Hirst, these bad boys are priced at a whopping $55,000. Yowzah!


And how about the rucksack making a fashion comeback?

I love it. I want to root for it. I want to cheer it on from the stands. I’m excited to make it a part of my life again. It feels like an old friend from elementary school who now has this super cool rep, but I knew him in his awkward days. I feel the way I did when Keds had a major comeback, or with the comeback of the baseball cozy cap. I have a soft spot for it, a nostalgia, that feels almost like a private joke between the designer and me. It feels personal. It’s the nuances like this that make fashion exciting, powerful and intimate.

I’ll definitely be two-strapping, will you?

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