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The Perfect Coat

The Perfect Coat

The hunt for the perfect winter coat can be an arduous and painful search. It's a big fat long-term commitment. You're looking for the one that can offer you warmth, comfort and reliability. The one that is strong and sturdy enough to protect you from stormy weather. The one that gives you butterflies in your belleh and makes you dance in the mirror alone because you love it so much. The one that's crazy good looking. The one that makes you feel like the most beautiful woman... Not so different from the search for the perfect man, eh? Eh?? *elbow jut* *elbow jut* (Sorry, was it super obvious where I was going with that? Whatever, okay?)

Speaking of a man (not to be confused with amen), this season all I want is an oversized man coat (seriously, I even made a Pinterest board dedicated to it). Preferably of the Stella McCartney variety. Preferably worn with a perfectly messy short layered haircut...

Stella McCartney Coat Editorial

I picked out a few amazing coats from my dear friends at Zara. Yes, they are clearly somewhat derivative, but they're soooo good at being derivative ya know?! Like, I want to be mad at them for copying Celine, but then I want to hug them for making such a good copy of Celine for a fraction of the price.

zara coats Slide3 Slide2 All coats on Zara.com. (The pin stripe navy one is perfect.)

And here are my non-Zara picks, the coats I would fill my closet (and the closets of my loved ones) with if we lived in a perfect world:

So what do you say? to taking chances? What do you say to jumping off the edge-ify? Never knowing if there's solid ground below, or a hand to hold....

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