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The Perfect Beanie

The Perfect Beanie

I was stressing out.

My boyfriend and I planned this hike two weeks ago and I still didn't have the proper gear. Not to worry, I had Timberlands in my closet from my trip to Iceland this summer, I had a rad leather backpack from Madewell, I even had an outdoorsy toggle puffer vest from J. Crew. Not to mention, the perfect plaid flannel hiking shirt from Zara. But I was missing the perfect beanie and I was panicking. How could I look the part of serious-nature-loving-hiker sans perfect-Williamsburg-hipster beanie?!

(I had to look my best. We'd be taking pictures against this magnificent backdrop...)

IMG_5152 copy - Version 2

IMG_5244 copy - Version 2

I had been surfing the internet for a week. The problem with that is you can never tell how a beanie will hug your head while drooping like Dopey's (of the seven dwarfs) through a photo on the internet. So I took it to the streets. I shopped Bleecker street in the West village, (which happens to be an amazing shopping area, just an FYI), weaving in and out of stores, hunting for that beanie. Rag & Bone had a cool one, but it was a little too itchy for me. Sandro had an amazing red chunky knit one, but it was too round and not slouchy enough. I thought I'd met the beanie of my dreams at Club Monaco, but one glance at the price tag (it was 100% cashmere) and I dropped that bad boy like a hot potato on a summer day.

I was back to the drawing board when I started daydreaming about my favorite beanie that went missing this summer somewhere between Gulfoss and Reykjavik (Iceland). Bam! That beanie was from Aritzia and as they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I grabbed my metro card and ran to Spring Street like I was Carrie Mathison on a mission to find Brody, if Brody were a beanie and whatnot.

ARITZIA #FTW. FOR THE WIN, PEOPLE! I found it! It's a thin, ribbed, cozy black beanie that hugs my head with just the right amount of East Village slouch and it won my heart. You know how they say "When you know, you know"...? Well I knew.

The perfect Beanie


The perfect beanie

The perfect beanie

How amazingly floppy and snuggly does that beanie look?!

And because I know women need options, I've gathered some more options for you:

Re the first Asos beanie: I saw this really edgified chika shopping at Zara with designer Jennifer Fisher and asked her where she got her beanie (it was amazing on her). Alas, it was from Asos.com for a magnificent price of $12.46. Cue heavenly Sister Act 2-like choir singing a wondrous hymn. The end.

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