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The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian

*Read the following paragraph as you would a Shakespeare soliloquy for best results. Gracias. Gracias very much. 

Time for more awards, only this time we honor the pedestrian.

Not just any pedestrian. It’s the seemingly oblivious pedestrian, who strolls along the streets, the streets that just so happen to host major designers’ collections. The pedestrians. Unmindful to the army of mortals under aliases like The Sartorialist and Mr. Newton, armed with fancy photography gear, capturing their subjects with flashy flashes and serious squatting positions that would rival Leandro’s Brazilian Butt Lift moves. The pedestrians, who master the science of street style by wearing the perfect balance of effortless imperfect personal style with the ultimate seasonal designer gimmicks. Oh, how we long to be love those pedestrians.

Let us begin, shall we?

The “I Don’t Need To Stomp Around Town in a Double Rainbow to Get Your Attention Award for Best Black and White Ensemble” goes to:

(Below: 1,3,4,6 by Tommy Ton, 2 by Mr. Newton, 5 by The Sartorialist).

Number 3! Taylor Tomassi Hill! Although she technically should have been disqualified. For her hair. Which I love. But which is technically one of the colors of the rainbow. But her shorts are so awesome! And it’s my awards ceremony! So I get to make the rules! Rah Rah Rah!

Moving right along. The “Just Call Me Wallpaper Award for Best Head-to-Toe Print Ensemble” goes to….

(Below: 1,3 by Tommy Ton. 2,4 by The Sartorialist).

Number 3! For many reasons, one being that I want to cut her out of this post and paste her on my Falling Hard for Fall  post for those UH-MAY-ZING colors.

Next up. The “I Know My Shapes Award for Best Geometric Ensemble” goes to…

(Below: All photos by Tommy Ton)

Bumpaduhbum… Number 2! For mixing squares, circles and flowers and making it work.

The “Take Me Out to the Ball Game Just Kidding Don’t Award for Best Use of Athletic Attire in a Fashion Ensemble” goes to…

(Below: All photos by Tommy Ton)

Number 2 for rockin a double whammy: sweatshirt and baseball cap. Bam. Shazam. KAPOW.

And now, for the best award, like, EVER: the “Four Arm (not to be confused with forearm) Award for Most Outstanding Use of Street Styles Hottest Trend: The Armless Sleeved Jacket” goes to…

(Below: 1,3,4,6 by Tommy Ton. 2,5 by The Sartorialist).

Number 6, because I like her two hollow arms the best. And because it’s Celine…unfair advantage? P.S. This is the easiest look to try, all you need is a jacket and a pair of shoulders…

Now that you are fully educated in the most important trends in street style, get to it! Start rockin those four arms, ya never know, you could get street styleified by Tommy Ton or Scott Schuman.

Badahbing Badahboom.

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