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The Mirror Dance: Balmain Edition

The Mirror Dance: Balmain Edition

Today, Edgify Me goes pychological chic.

I recently watched this incredibly interesting TED Talks video. You can watch it here.

My synopsis: Amy Cuddy (no relation to Kid Cudi) explains how although we typically view body language as a way to detect subtle social nuances in others, it has now been evidenced that it may change the way we view ourselves. Cuddy shows how holding certain “power posing” body positions (like standing in a victory pose, posing with your hands on your hips a la Wonder Woman or leaning back in your chair with your feet on your desk, like a boss) can actually cause us to feel confident, even when we didn’t before by creating a change in our cortisol and testosterone levels. This research reveals that we can change other people’s perception of us simply by power posing for a few minutes. Fascinating.

Lookatchyou Jen! Rocking that power pose like a BOSS.

In simpler terms: If you pose like a rockstar, people will begin to treat you like a rockstar and you will eventually see yourself as a rockstar, i.e. fake it till you make it sister. (Replace the word rockstar with whatever your wildest dreams may be - the next American Idol, a professional foosball player, the next youtube sensation, you name it.)

I’m no psychologist, although I did take AP psych in my senior year of high school (waddup Eva Bernfeld). But here’s what I’m thinking. What if we applied Cuddy’s theory to fashion? Instead of posing like Wonder Woman for a few seconds, try on your dream wardrobe for a few seconds. How? It’s not really rocket science.

Go to Bergdorfs or your favorite designer boutique and experience what it feels like to wear your favorite designer’s clothing. Try on that crazy chic Alaia dress, those incredibly sexy Louboutin pumps, that $25,000 white wool peacoat with saddle leather trim that fits like a glove at Hermes. You don’t have to actually buy them but no one will stop you from trying them on. Stand in the dressing room, appreciate the amazing design on your body, soak it up, look at how fabulous you look, do a little dance (or an obnoxiously big dance like gangnam style if that’s your thang) and then thank the salesperson for their help and skip on your merry way.

My guess is that you’ll start valuing yourself differently. You’ll start dressing the part of someone who can wear Balmain, Alaia and Louboutin.

I do it all the time.

There I am, on my tippy toes, in the Balenciaga store, trying on their insanely expensive yet insanely perfect kimono-esque wool trousers. Why? Because I can.

You can’t tell from the photo, but my insides turned to goo when I tried on these $4000 Balmain leather pants. Goo I tell ya! So gooey I felt compelled to make a kissy face. Okay fine, there’s no excuse for that. I apologize.

And here I am, eyebrow-less, doing my mirror dance, getting my groove on, doing my thang in the Stella McCartney dressing room. Alone. Crickets

My eyebrows are back and I’m pretending to text while coincidentally facing a mirror with expensive merchandise around my neck. Sometimes acting skills come in handy when you need to snap a picture without the salespeople sternly scolding you for doing such a terrible act of treason.

At the Burberry store, trying on this incredible gorilla armed trench.

[I interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you a brief message from Kanye and Jay-Z “...And they goin gorillas…I don’t even know what that means…no one knows what it means but it’s provocative, gets the people going…”]

Fair warning: the salespeople may start banning you from their stores giving you the stank face over time (and stankifying me for advocating such selfish practices) but as long as you’re strategic and diplomatic about it, it should be all good in the hood. Plus, you never know. If tomorrow this economy miraculously shapes up or you happen to win the lottery or you find out you have a long lost brother named Mark Zuckerberg, you’ll be coming back to actually buy your dream wardrobe. That’s one way to rationalize it.

Now I’ll let you digest my theory in peace, but first, with all that Cuddy talk I’ll leave you with this.

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