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The Hunch is Back

The Hunch is Back

The slouch. 

slouch fashion

While perusifying the resort collections, I've been falling hard for the slouch. It's a pose, it's a silhouette, it's an attitude.

Olivier Theyskens of Theyskens' Theory has been repping the slouch on slouch silhouette in his clothes for seasons now. Luckily, he didn't disappoint for resort, casting the queen of slouch, Hanne Gaby Odiele to model the collection. Marc Jacobs' entire resort collection was photographed in the laziest, slumpiest slouch positions, like, ever. Phillip Lim brought more of a structured look to the table, but the attitude was all slouch. Claire Waight Keller of Chloe gave us the perfectly polished slouch (and a killer collection, might I add). And as always we can count on Acne to be captain of the slouch team.

resort 2014 trend slouchy fashion

resort 2014 trend the slouchy look

resort 2014 runway trend the slouchy look

resort 2014 slouch trend chloe

Mastering the slouch requires many things, starting with the selfless willingness to relinquish your good posture for the sake of looking mad cool, yo.

You see, at around the age of nine, I'd become a proud slouch expert. My posture was all cool and rounded while my go-to sitting position left sufficient space between my bum and the back of the chair (for a visual, see Fendi model photographed above). That was until my mom intervened... "Sit up straight Laura, you're posture is getting really bad!" Yuh, mom, I know. It's cool okay?! Said I in my rebellious mind but not out loud. She did have a point. Did I want to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame by the time I was 18? I guess that might not be the cutest look, so alas, I worked on my posture and ditched the slouch.

Within a few years I was taking hip hop dance classes, which meant the slouch was back in full force, but only while Missy Elliot was blaring from the boom box. If I'd catch myself slouching in any other circumstance, horror music would ensue and a frightening image of the Hunchback would appear before my eyes. It was like some weird vision straight out of an episode of That's So Raven. And now, after all that Hunchback haunting and secret slouchy hip-hop classes, Hanne Gaby is pretty much saying (using body language to convey this important message) "The hunch is back."


Are you ready to embrace it? A few things you'll need in order to master the slouch:

1. Confidence. As with anything in fashion, the magical component is always confidence. If you go for the slouch on slouch silhouette sans confidence, you may be mistaken for a man named Hagrid, when really the look you were going for was edgified muggle, ya feel me?

2. Height. Either you were born with colossal avatar genes (a la Karlie Kloss) and can pull off the slouch with flats or you were not, in which case you'll need heels or wedges. Otherwise, I fear you may be mistaken for one of the seven dwarfs, which is cool if you like the nickname Dopey...

3. It's all about the hang, man. If you're going for the slouch, you gotta make sure your clothes literally hang on you. Bigger is better. Baggy ain't shabby. Roomy is groovy. (I seriously just said that. Sue me.) Now's not the time to have a size complex. Go big or go home I always say.

Tell me your thoughts on the slouch. Is it really depressing, unattractive and not cool at all? Am I way off on my resort trend spotting? Does every resort season involve slouching models due to the very nature of the season of leisure? Would you rather hear more about belly shirts and bomber jackets? Hit me.

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