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The Heel Height

The Heel Height

tommy ton street styleTommy the Tonster does it again.

This picture of his speaks volumes about women as a tribe. There are the High Heels and there are the Kitten Heels. (There are also the Sneakers, the Platforms, the Flip Flops and the Booties but we'll save that discussion for a rainy day.)  Both are standing side by side facing each other as if to say "Game on."

The High Heels: the brave, confident women who sacrifice comfort and speed for posture, height and good looks. They are the ones born with magical feet that carry the weight of their bodies on their toes with grace and poise. They are the ones that deny blinding numbness and attest to their inability to feel complete without them. They are the ones that carry ballet slippers in their bags for that moment of relief that marks the finish line of a successfully dressed day.

The Kitten Heels: the sensible, defiant women who are willing to sacrifice aesthetics, height and youth for the ability to wiggle their toes at the end of a days work. They want comfort but are not willing to forfeit all height and grace for a flat shoe so they settle on the baby heel. They feel chic and depending on their age, sometimes ironic, cheeky and confident enough to wear a typically "old lady shoe" that's been having a serious fashion resurgence (see Louis Vuitton's Spring collection).

Both teams looking fabulous, both teams sending very different messages.

Beyonce remix of the day: Don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable your choice of shoes doesn't speak volumes about you. 

Are you on team High Heel or Kitten Heel? I think I'm on team Oxford.

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