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The EDGIES: NYFW Awards Ceremony

The EDGIES: NYFW Awards Ceremony

I’d like to thank you all for being here today. It’s a pleasure to host the Edgies NY Fashion Week Awards here at Edgify Me.

Let’s kick things off with an award for one of the strongest trends on the runway this season, as demonstrated by Marc Jacobs’ entire collection: STRIPES.

And the Edgy goes to…Oscar! Not only did he publicly defend himself (like a rockstar) against being called a hot dog by Cathy Horyn, but he also designed the best striped ensemble, like, ever.

Next up, a trend we all know and love but can’t get enough of: LEATHAH.

And the Edgy goes to…Reem Acra! Simply because that dress is OBSSESSIFYING me. Also, it looks like it fits like a glove (for all you Ace Ventura fans).

The next award is to celebrate 2 colors that will never go away. Ever. After. After what? After nothing! They’re the Tuck Everlastings of colors aka Black & White.

And the Edgy goes to…(insert envelope tear sound here) Alexander Wang aka the Wang Man aka the King of Black and White! His entire collection was in black and white with a sprinkle of nude and a dash of silver.

*Edgify Fun Factoid: Once upon a time my (rad) sister and I hosted a Black and White themed BBQ. The invite read “It’s Black. It’s White.” A la Michael Jackson.*

And for the equivalent of the Oscar for Best Actress/Actor I present….

And the Oscar Golden Globe CFDA Award Edgy goes to….Proenza Schouler! For making butterflies appear IN. MAH. BELLEH. every time I look at this photo.

The runner up Edgy goes to Helmut Lang because that look has my name written all over it. And I want it on mah bodeh NOW.

I’d like to thank each nominee for being as rad as a radish. You all rockify my world.

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