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The Comeback of the Cozy Cap

The Comeback of the Cozy Cap

cozy cap

Ray-Ban glasses, J. Crew chambray shirt, Roseanna bomber from Dagny + Barstow, Reece Hudson clutch.

There’s a power to the baseball hat, newly dubbed by moi the cozy cap.

What is it about baseball hats cozy caps that makes us (by us, I mean me) feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Could it be the Americana nostalgia it signifies? The head hugging nature of such hats (who doesn’t love a good head hug)? The dramatic shadow it casts over half your face? The pride I feel for it because it originated in my good ol’ hometown of Brooklyn we go hard, we go hard? The I-want-to-be-like-my-cool-older-brother(s) syndrome?

[I’ve been guilty of falling victim to said syndrome before. At age 12 instead of asking my parents for a Bat Mitzvah party like every other 12 year old Jewish girl, I asked for a basketball tournament for my birthday, complete with Laura’s 1st Annual Basketball Tournament t-shirts for all. It should be noted that I have 3 older brothers who hosted annual basketball tournaments every summer. Don’t judge me.]

Back to the cozy cap. A few days ago, during hurricane Sandy, I spent the day indoors wearing a baseball hat. Yes, I realized the rain was falling outside, but I saw it sitting on my counter, begging to give my head a hug so I put it on. As I wore it, I noticed how strangely comforting it felt. It made me feel cozy and safe and maybe a little cool (insert shoulder-shrug-one-eye-squint-pleading look)?

Oh, and by the way, it’s having a serious street style moment.

Which one is not like the others? Who’s that creeper in the second pic? What’s the deal with her eyebrow? Why do I love rhetoric questions and parenthesis so much?

Here, a rad instagram photo posted by Eva Chen. Clearly the cozy cap trend is of the leather variety.

What’s the comeback all about, you may ask. I may answer that it started with the sportswear influence on fashion that has emerged as a result of a little sumtn sumtn called the Olympics. Yes, major world events influence fashion. The wedge sneaker, the fashion sweatshirt, the contrasting striped track pants, and the cozy cap. My theory is that once we fashion creatures started embracing this trend, we felt the power of the cozy cap and couldn’t get enough.

Here are some edgified options for ya, in case you want to jump on board the cozy cap train and whatnot.

Clockwise from top left: Rad plaid cap by Hailey Jeans Co, black leathah cap by Henschel 6813, olive herring-bad-to-the-bone cap by Orvis, best of both worlds leathah + wool cap by Free People, Eva Chen wannabe cap by City Hunter.

On that note, I got some more nastalgia for ya: Caps for sale! 50 cents a cap! 

Those were the good ol’ days, when caps were only 50 freaken cents. That’s like saying the U.S. government would have to sell 32 trillion caps to get out of debt. And we’d all have cozier heads and live happily ever after.

The end.

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