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Take Advantage of Vintage

Take Advantage of Vintage

Once upon a time (17 years ago to be exact)  in a faraway land (brooklyn) a woman named Joy bought these fantastical spectacles (featured below) made by Giorgio Armani.

Lucky for me, this woman is none other than my very own madre. Si, it’s true. I know! Crazy twist in the story right thurr. And lucky for me, this madre of mine keeps a collection of her sunglasses from the past 30 years.


Strolling down the street, I’ve taken note of the power these spectacles have to make quite the spectacle (get it? get it?) People have been asking me where they can get a pair…and I respond, as I casually toss back a loose strand of hair and offer an eyebrow raise; “Well, it absolutely pains me to tell you this but these are actually vintage Armani’s so you actually wouldn’t be able to buy them from your local Sunglass Hut and I will therefore continue to be the most edgified girl in town with the only pair of these vintage Giorgio Armani’s, if you didn’t catch it the first time… Mwahahahaaa”

I lied. I’ve never actually said that out loud but I definitely do gloat that it is a vintage find from my mom’s closet. Why wouldn’t I?! Makes me sound uber coolified.


If you’re wondering about the rationale behind the series of expressions photographed above, which I’m sure you are, I was just running a standard test to see if the sunglasses had the power to edgify a serious face, an excited face, a face with an inside out lower lip and a cheeseball thumbs up face. The results: THEY GOT THE POWER!

(cue that old school Snap! song: I’VE GOT THE POWAH)

If you can’t get your hands on some vintage frames, heres a few spankin’ new frames that I find super fancyfying:


Karen Walker, Ray-Ban, Super Sunglasses

Edgifying lesson of the day 1: Shop your madre’s closet for some golden finds. Big plus: They’re FREE of charge, assuming your mom is the generous type :

Edgifying lesson of the day 2: Start saving your sunglasses for your future youngins so that one day, you’ll be featured on their world famous blog too! (wink wink)

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