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Monochromify Me. Men’s Edition. (This one’s for all my male readers out there) Via Tommy Ton

That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

  There are a few things in life that give me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Peanut butter, busting out to Nicki Minaj, an amazing scarf, singing in the shower, Italy, a great hug and Tommy Ton’s photos. Here are some of my favorites from Paris fashion week.

Slytherin Is In

Where my muggles at??? Before you go all hufflepuff on me for pretending to be a quidditch master, I must confess that I am not a die hard Harry Potter fan. I know, I know…SHOCKER! But to tell you the truth, I only read the first three books (GASP!) Once the books got heavy enough to give me serious back pain, I knew it was time to say goodbye, Bocelli style. So even though I’m not the avid, die-hard, obsessive, read each book 11 times, have nightmares about voldemort ‘type’ I still love slytherin. Wait, wasn’t slytherin the bad team? …
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