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Started From The Bottom

Started From The Bottom

As I followed the Spring 2014 collections, I had one song playing in my head and one song only. "Started from the bottom now we're here..." I'm not sure if Drake realized the unmistakable relevance of his lyrics to the fashion industry, but I definitely did.

For quite some time now, the fashion industry was following a trickle down theory (my economics professor would die from pride at my usage of this fun and fancy term). It was all about fast fashion grabbing what they could from top designers and "interpreting" it for the mass market. Of course, one walk through Zara and H&M will tell you that is still happening.

But what's new in this landscape is this sort of joke that top tier designers are playing on these, shall we say, copycats. More and more, they are borrowing silhouettes and concepts from the streets and reinterpreting them for the luxury market. Let's call it a trickle up theory. Birkenstocks, Vans, Tom's, Tevas, Rocket Dogs, old lady chinatown bags and headphones around your neck are all chanting "Started from the bottom now we're here." Here being at Celine, Givenchy, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Marni and Chanel. When it comes time for fast fashion to water down Prada's version of Tevas, what they get is...well, Tevas. Woh woh...

Below, the OGs:

fashion democracy

It's this sort of hilarious, genius and entertaining scheme devised by designers to get back at the mass market for all the designer knockoffs. Now, designers are "knocking off" what they see on the streets, only maybe we call this reversal "knocking on" since they tend to accrue some fine tuning and embellishing along the way.

Exhibit A: Prada and Marc Jacobs knocking on Tevas for Spring 2014.

Prada Tevas Spring 14 shoes

marc Jacobs sandals Teva spring 14 runway

Exhibit B: Marni's take on the Rocket Dog for Spring 2014.

Marni sandals Spring 2014 runway

Exhibit C (or shall we say, CC, wink wink): Chanel reinvents the headphones-around-neck look into a pearl choker. Brilliant!

Chanel pearl choker Spring 2014 runway

Exhibit D: Celine borrows the plaid from old lady chinatown bags for her Fall 2013 collection.

Celine plaid chinatown fall 2013

Exhibit E: Givenchy printifies the classic Vans sneaker with their Fall motifs.

Givenchy vans sneakers

Exhibit F: Chanel luxifies Tom's with denim CC's.

chanel toms

How interesting is this?! I kinda love it! My theory is really just that, a theory but it would be awesome if these designers all had a secret society where they plot to get back at the knocker-offers.

I have one request. Let us all pray Crocs aren't next in line....

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