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Specialty Gift Guide: 50 Personal Gift Ideas

Specialty Gift Guide: 50 Personal Gift Ideas

Tis the season!!! The season of what? STRESS.

Everyone loves to get gifts and sing holiday songs and falalalala la la la la, but you know what? Finding the perfect gift for your family, friends, significant other, niece, nephew, dog and stuffed minion is not always hunky-dory. It's not rainbows and it's not unicorns my friends... it's STRESS.

So my gift to you this holiday season is a free hot stone massage! Just kidding. I really wish it were, but this is so much better! My gift to you is my *specialty* holiday gift guide. You're welcome. No really, anytime you guys. I say specialty because I scoured the internet looking for personalizifiable gifts. Gifts that say, "I know you." Because aren't those the best kind? The ones that recall a private joke, a personal memory or a familiar scent. A gift that says, "I was paying attention when you told me your favorite color was purple even though it looked like I was sleeping. I only did that so you could hate me for not listening and then love me so much more for really listening and buying you a purple envelope clutch. HAH!"

Specialty gift guide

When you buy a loved one a beanie with a monster pompom attached, what you're really saying is "Your pompom fetish is kinda strange but I know you have one and I love you regardless." Or when you buy a ceramic mug with feet for your grandma, what you're really saying is "Hey Grams, I know you get skeeved from feet, but I also know you love tea so I bought you a mug with feet, because it's seriously time you face your phobia. This will help." Now that's love people. Or say you're cousin has a secret obsession with Harry Potter. You buy him a pair of Harry-esque glasses from Warby Parker that say "I didnt want to embarrass you with a Harry Potter doll, because you're 31 years old, but here's a pair of glasses that will help your image and allow you to channel Harry on a daily basis." It's about the personal touch, y'all.

For the record, these are all hypothetical scenarios. My Grandmother does not have a fear of feet nor do I have a 31 year old male cousin who is obsessed with Harry Potter. Luckily.

And now the gifts! Scroll through my specialty gift guide and tell the people you love just how well you know them!



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