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Saint Laurent and the American Girl (Doll)

Saint Laurent and the American Girl (Doll)

Saint Laurent Molly American Girl Doll plaid

When I was but a wee child, the name Molly didn’t bring to mind a headlining party drug. I also didn’t associate the name with twerking, a la Miley Cyrus (Miley + southern accent = Molly). Instead, when I heard the name Molly, I thought of an innocent curious schoolgirl with braided pigtails and round spectacles. That Molly was my favorite American Girl doll.

As an adult thinking back on my childhood doll preferences, I always thought it was strange that I chose her as my favorite (kind of like my confusion about deciding Sporty Spice was my favorite Spice Girl). Molly was sort of quirky and geeky but with a confident air about her. Everyone knew Samantha was the most popular A.G. but for whatever reason, I always preferred Molly.

Just the other day as I was revisiting Style.com’s rich archives, ya know, just for fun…it hit me like a little girl hits the ground when her parents refuse her an American Girl doll: Molly’s signature getup was precisely Hedi Slimane’s new look for Saint Laurent! The Peter Pan collar, the tartan plaid, the white socks paired with black mary-janes… WOAH. Molly was killing it in the edgified department years before Saint Laurent dropped the Yves and she didn’t even know it! Maybe that was exactly it - the oblivious nonchalance in her sartorial choices, the distinct individuality she exuded through her style (even though she was unaware of it's future implications) - that made me proud to call Molly my favorite.

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