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Pumps, The Debate

Pumps, The Debate

Let’s. Talk. Pumps.

I won’t mention that I have a background in footwear and I also won’t mention that I’m an expert on the subject but what I will tell you is that this is a tale of two cities a baby and some dirty bathwater.

So. For a few seasons now, our favorite shoe designers have been slowly creeping away from the chunky monkey platform pump and moving toward what I like to call a remix between Beyonce’s Single Ladies and Train’s Soul Sister: the Single Sole Pump. Moving away from creating a woman-on-stilts silhouette towards a woman-on-cropped-stilts silhouette, if you will.

The papers can’t get enough of this trend. From the NY Times highlighting the return of the so-called King of (single) Sole, Mr. Manolo Blahnik (not James Brown) to the recent Harper’s Bazaar headline “Are Platforms Over?” it seems like there’s only one way to go ladies (and gents - I know you’re reading): The SSP: The Single Sole Pump.

But here’s where I jump in. I’m a huge fan of the SSP. It looks fresh, sexy and sophisticated, but I will admit I still rock the platform from time to time. Why throw out the baby with the bathwater? Why does the return of the SSP have to mean the demise of the platform pump? Why do we make such rash statements about souls soles that may or may not hurt other pumps’ feelings? Why is the sky blue? And why, people, I ask you, why did the chicken cross the road?

(Insert roaring applause here.)

I say keep the platforms! I say buy the new single sole pumps! I say why not wear them both, one on each foot! (Don’t do that, it’s dangerous.) I say to Bruce from Matilda; Why not have your cake and eat it too?!

Bruce! Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!

Photographed above: Single sole bad boys by Christian Louboutin, platform bad boys by Charlotte Olympia.

Are you on Team Platform or Team Single Sole? Pray tell!

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