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Pre-Fall Winners

Pre-Fall Winners

The Pre-Fall collections are in full swing, and might I add there are some pret-tay swingin collections. At first I thought this season was on a big fat “Meh” streak…that was until I saw Phillip Lim’s collection and all was right in the world once again. Sparks flew, Taylor Swift style, my soul was awakened, Mumford & Sons style, and I cried (just a little), Bingo Players style.

This is a designer who just brings it season after season. He creates collections that make me wish I had a superpower that allowed me to zap the clothes right off the edgy models on my computer screen and implant them onto my bodeh instantaneously. BAM. Zap Woman is born. I think it’s time we had a new superhero in town don’tchya think? Hey Phil, create a comic book part deux about Zap Woman wouldjya? (For part one see the 3.1 Phillip Lim Pre-Fall collection from last year. KA-POW!) Couldjya tell I’m a product of the generation of instant gratification? Couldjya? Couldjya?

Let’s get to the good part shall we? (All photos via Style.com, collagified by moi.)



The clothes (and accessories) speak for themselves but I do love this snippet from Style.com’s Matthew Schneier’s review of the collection:  “I’m really into vintage Harley-Davidson,” Lim said, though he went on to clarify that he didn’t mean it in the cliché black-leather-jacket way—he had in mind a subtler sort of hog worship. Holding up Lim’s own plaid trousers was a vintage Harley belt buckle; peeking out of the neck of his neat, tucked-in sweater was the top of his elaborate tattoo. Even when his girl’s being bad, the designer explained, “the inner bourgeoisie always comes through.”

Here are a few other collections that made me want to transform into Zap Woman:


I’ve been dreaming about that Thakoon Addition sweatsuit ever since I laid eyes on it.

pre-fall rachel comey

There is something so coolified about her silhouettes in this collection. Brava RC!

pre-fall collections

Please see upper left corner and tell me the Tin Man isn’t back. I dare you. Thanks Prabal for having my back. Youda youda best.

pre-fall preen

That plaid. Those trousers. That hair. It’s like a scottish punk rock star got together with a spiffy debonair gentleman and had this perfectly imperfect baby. Sigh.


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