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Plaid on Plaid on Plaid

Plaid on Plaid on Plaid

That’s me passing judgement on my title. Because how overused is that play on Jay-Z’s lyrics? But really, wanna know the true story behind my facial expression in this one? My neighbors came outside (behind that wall) while I was taking these pictures and simultaneously blasting Call Me Maybe. To you this may qualify as an embarrassing story but I happen to be proud to admit that Carly Rae Jepson is my jam.

There I am, boogying and stuff.

Boogying some more…

And BAM. My Blue Steel face comes out to play.

BAM part deux: plaidified.

Clearly inspired by my main man Dries van Noten aka Top Chef Mix Master DJ Noten with his masterful play on plaid, I paired my happy golfer Theory pants with my silk plaid Madewell shirt (similar one here) and threw on my mom’s Burberry scarf that I adopted (it was her mother’s day gift a few years ago, just call me a Taker Backer), because it would be a crime not to include Burberry in a plaidified story. My hooded leather jacket (I heart hoods) is Joie, similar one here. And let’s not forget my favorite Minnie pumps! (All photos by Yvonne “Rockstar” Harari).

And here’s a friendly reminder of how awesome Mr. Noten’s spring collection was.

Back to my plaid pants. They just make me happy. And that’s what fashion should do. It should happify you.

So should you be lucky enough to meet a pair of pants (or shoes or a skirt or a bowtie for that matter) that happifies you, go for it! Even if you are worried others might think you look like you’re wearing their golfing grandpa’s pajamas, it only matters that you lurve it, as Celine Dion would say.

Recap: We plaidified, we driesified, we happified and we edgified. It’s all good in the hood. Peace.

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