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Pinchify Me

Pinchify Me

I must be dreaming.

There’s no denying that Fashion Week is magical. I’m going to have to compare it to the feeling I got while taking a magic carpet ride through the starry night sky with Aladdin. Don’t look at me like that, my middle name is Jasmine. Just kidding, it’s not. And just kidding, I’ve never gone on an MCR (magic carpet ride) with Aladdin. Yes I have…in my dreams. But I can imagine the feeling, and my guess is that it’s not that far off from what I felt this week. (Are you tired of my Disney references yet? Well Barney’s isn’t!)

After being fortunate enough to meet some incredible individuals, I began to see another ingredient to the magic potion of fashion week. Yes, the clothes are beyond beautiful and yes the designers are immensely talented, but the personalities that this week brings together collectively create this indescribable energy. I like to call it the Fashion Week Buzz #FWB. 

I got home each day and literally dougied danced my way to my computer to tell you about some of the people I met that inspired me so much that I couldn’t help but to do a little dance make a little love get down tonight (boom boom) get down tonight.

Below are some of the people I met and how they’ve inspired me:


Iman: What a powerful individual. One that knew her own worth from the day she was discovered and freely references Honey Boo Boo. “So what if you’re on the worst dressed list? What do they know? Fashion is about experimenting.” YES. (Photo by Pearls and Twirls.)

Coco Rocha: What she is doing with the modelling industry is so inspiring. She is reinventing the business model (no pun intended) and staying completely authentic along the way. Never mind that she busts out her wicked Irish dance moves in public places, I mean, really now. I asked her to perform for us at the IFB conference, sadly she declined. (Photo of Coco at the Zac Posen show, by Style.com)


Derek Blasberg: What a rockstar! Derek was cool as a cucumber (yes, I just said that), hilarious as a hyena and smart as a stallion (if stallions were, like, uber smart and stuff) during his interview at the IFB conference. His 3 tips for how to succeed in life were “Work hard, play hard, and spell check.” Oh and one more life lesson; “Love your mothers, they keep you grounded. Even when you don’t want to be.Laughify me. 


Eva Chen: What a down to earth, intelligent and chic young woman! I especially love what she captioned her instagram pic of last season’s Miu Miu glitter booties: “I could be 87 years old and these shoes 926171 seasons old…I don’t care, I will always love these Miu Miu heels.” I LOVE THAT. Especially since I own a pair and was feeling doubtful about wearing them again. Then I saw this and shouted “So what if they’re last season?! Who cares?! They make me feel like a Dorothy-Minnie Mouse hybrid, which is totally rad.” And my Miu Mius lived happily ever after, in my closet on mah feet.


That’s moi in aforementioned Miu Miu glitter booties, Pamela Love x J. Crew Jared the Subway guy boyfriend jeans, Roseanna bomber, and Celine trapeze bag AKA Phebes.

Lynn Yaeger: I met Lynn at the Swarovski x Yoko Ono party last week. I may or may not have shrieked like a little schoolgirl who just got the cootie shot (Click here to get an idea) in the back of a cab after meeting her, thereby frightening the cab driver to a sudden halt. That may not have been the safest form of expression but that woman is something else. I’ve always been inspired by her signature look that is so unique to her and feels absolutely authentic.

I also met Jennifer Fisher, Bruce Weber, Mr. Newton, Brad Goreski, Rebecca Minkoff, Taylor Tomasi Hill (an icon of mine), Ryan Lochte (hi), Alec Wek, and Julie Macklowe. My reason for telling you this is really just to brag  to express my profound amazement at the kindness of these individuals. Each and every one was authentic, genuine and just really really nice. So the lesson of the day (there are many) is STARS, THEY’RE JUST LIKE US. Assuming we are authentic, genuine and really really nice people too.

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