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Pajamas, A Longing For Intimacy

Pajamas, A Longing For Intimacy

Pajamas. I've spoken a lot about them on this bliggity blog o' mine (once while referencing my good friends, bananas in pajamas), but today let's delve deeper.

We get it, PJ's as daywear has been totes street style chic to the next lev for over a year now. But PJ's on the red carpet? That's a new (and RAD) one. Sofia Coppola wore Marc Jacobs jammies to the Met Gala and Tilda Swinton worked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in gold Haider Ackermann pajamas. It kinda makes me wish I were invited to a red carpet event just so I can be like BAM! I'm wearing PJs. WHAT NOW. How punk is that?! Not punk as in Chaos-to-Couture tartan-safety-pin-graffiti punk, but as in an irreverent punk attitude towards the typical red carpet way of dressing.

sofia coppola Tilda Swinton

Anne Slowey, the Fashion News Director at Elle magazine, wrote a compelling piece in this month's issue in which she discusses the pajama spark that Marc Jacobs lit at his Fall 13 show. His collection featured a slew of relaxed pajamas in silky metallics, but the big moment for Slowey came when Jacobs walked out to take his bow dressed in silk PJ's himself.

"Suddenly, the overfamiliarity of his taking a very public bow in his nightclothes spoke to a greater existential question: how to reclaim intimacy in our day-to-day lives. Is it really as simple as wearing our literal underwear? Pardon the grandiosity, but Jacobs is getting at one of the most profound questions of the day - how to maintain, er, reclaim, our humanity in a world increasingly overrun by big data and technological distractions. Jacobs' collection may be a response to sensory angst that's sending us running to our boudoirs in search of relief (and privacy!) from the self-inflicted onslaught of information being showered upon us from Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Vine."

Marc Jacobs Fall 13

I couldn't agree more, Anne. I adore this theory not only for justifying pajamas as daywear but for validating my love for cozy nights in. It's because I need to unplug from all the overstimulation you guys, not because I'm antisocial. I actually think that this yearning to reclaim our privacy is manifesting in more ways than one. Perhaps you remember my theory on the overwhelming presence of white on the runways?

"Today, we live in a world that is constantly becoming more demanding, more complex, more exposed and I think deep down, we are hungry for white, again, as a cry to the return to simplicity. White in historical and literary symbolism signifies purity, innocence, goodness and absence. Absence. I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like the perfect way to describe the status quo. Between technology, social media and a round-the-clock work ethic, we are feeling a sense of absence more than ever. Absence of focus. Absence of patience. Absence of healthy communication. Absence of fulfillment. Could that be part of the reason why everyday I find myself desperately searching the world wide web in hopes of finding the white 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 hour weekender bag on sale?"

So who's up for a social media detox? I do one weekly (otherwise known as the Sabbath), and believe you me, the world does not end if you miss a few hours of Twitter or Instagram. Or, we can declare every day Pajama Day…that works for me.

One last awesome quote from Anne Slowey:

"Getting dressed (or, in this case, undressed) is perhaps the only daily act of self-reflection, quite literally, by looking at ourselves in the mirror. I'd like to think Jacobs is saying fashion matters because it's one of few simple, visceral pleasures we have left."

Intriguing. Tell me, what say you on the growing need for intimacy in today's world of distractions?

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