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Our Clothes Are Our Crayons, Color Trends for Fall 2013

Our Clothes Are Our Crayons, Color Trends for Fall 2013

Color trends for fall 2013

Let’s talk about color.

The power it has to evoke the strongest of emotions through nature, art, and of course clothing. When I think about color as a concept, my mind automatically pictures a blank black and white coloring book with a box of Crayola crayons impatiently waiting to interact with the page and make magic happen. LIGHTBULB MOMENT: Maybe that’s why they chose to call those markers Magic Markers….

Color as a concept also makes me think of Sillyville, which makes sense since it is a story about a coloring book coming to life. When Sillywhim’s clothes turn from black and white to rainbow colored at the end?! It was the ultimate happy ending. Don't laugh! I still have a soft spot for the Blue Twirly Pops, although Purple Pasha always creeped me out a little.

In the scheme of things, our bodies are blank black and white coloring books (or Sillywhim dresses) and our clothes are our crayons. We get to make the artistic decision every time we get dressed about how we want to color ourselves, what feeling we are trying to express, what story we are trying to tell. I love using my mood and instinct to guide me when getting dressed, because in some ways it makes me feel like Picasso putting paint to a blank canvas.


Last week I came across this interesting piece from the Wall Street Journal asking industry professionals to talk about color. They each discuss how they relate to color within the context of their lives. What I loved about that piece was its depiction of how personal color is. "I never met a color I didn't like. I approach it the way I approach all other things: totally unintellectual, completely on gut feeling." -Iris Apfel.

Getting to my point, for Fall 2013, designers made bold, personal statements using color. Alexander Wang’s collection was predominantly grey, while Dolce & Gabanna ended his show with an army of red lace dresses. By far the winning color of the season was white, hey hey hey! You know how much I love me some white. Other key accent colors included pink, ranging from blush to bubblegum, pale blue and navy. If you scroll back and forth through the next part really quickly, a rainbow, a unicorn and the Lucky Charms leprechaun may or may not jump out at you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

white trend fall 2013 runway

white trend fall 2013 runway

pink trend fall 2013 runway

pink trend fall 2013 runway

light blue trend fall 2013 runway

grey trend fall 2013 runway

red trend fall 2013 runway

navy trend fall 2013 runway

Are you as excited as I am for this navy overload? How do you feel about blush pink and pale blue for fall? Talk to me.

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