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Netrobe Gets EDGIFIED

Netrobe Gets EDGIFIED

Brace yourselves for some major news.

Remember watching Clueless and wishing there was a way to use that computer program that Cher used to get dressed every morning? The one where you can virtually mix and match your own clothes and accessories? Dude, it’s finally here. Netrobe is this incredibly cool and revolutionary new app that does just that. I know what you’re thinking…Daaaaayum. Wait, there’s more.

Major news part deux: Today, as the title of this post hintifies, Netrobe gets EDGIFIED. Their fabulous blog features pieces from my closet along with a rad interview in which I discuss fun topics like how I started this ranting, chic lunatic of a blog, and how my favorite oxfords were actually doctor prescribed. See the full interview here.

Sneaky peaky pics, right this way:

Oh haaay. There I am, posing like a fancy praying mantis on my window seat, wearing my doctor prescribed oxfords. And there’s Phebes (my Celine trapeze tote, yes she has a name and yes it is derived from the designer of said bag, original, I know) just sitting pretty, doing her thang.

Some of my favorite jewelry sipping some pina coladas in front of my lame attempt at a painting a tropical sunset. From left; Pamela Love sharp-as-a-knife yet rad-as-a-radish cuff, my mom’s vintage tassel necklace, my favorite Elizabeth & James splint ring and a sicker-than-strep necklace by Made Her Think.

3 shoes that make my heart go BOOM: White suede Manolo Blahniks, a navy leather monk strap gets married to black patent leather and has this magnificent baby named Jil Sander, and my fantastical Alexander McQueen booties.

And here is my magical Timo Weiland skirt that I bought from Dagny & Barstow (stay tuned for more from them).

One last thing. While you are awaiting the wrath of this hurricane, obsessively checking Facebook for funny (or serious) posts about the one and only Sandy, like my FB page!

Stay safe, dry, and in shape. (We all know hurricane’s are a great excuse for comfort food.)

Xoxo, kissy face, peace sign,

Edgify Me

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