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Del Toro red paris Slippers

Artsy photo by moi via Instagram, @EdgifyMe. Slippers: Del Toro

There is something so incredibly exciting about receiving a package in the mail that you've been anticipating for four months labeled "Moda Operandi." Heart racing, feet tapping, body wiggling, I ferociously tear open the box to find these perfect red smoking slippers from Del Toro. GAH!

The best part is, I've never been to Paris. Or maybe that's the worst part because all I want in life is go to Paris. It's possible that I bought them to use as a visualization tool to somehow get me to Paris (see: the law of attraction; the Secret). Or maybe I bought them because I wanted red velvet smoking slippers and these just happened to have the Eiffel Tower on one foot and the work "Paris" with a cute little squiggly "i" on the other. Either way, I am in LOVE.

They happen to be mighty comfortable (like slippers, wink wink) and I felt compelled to give y'all a serious heads up: Moda Operandi has Del Toro's Fall/Winter 2013 collection available for pre-sale NOW! The sale ends on Sunday so getchyo arses over there and buy a fun pair. Your feet will thank you.

Don't worry about the late delivery date, that's the fun part. It's like your giving your future self a surprise gift. Tah dah! Plus, you only have to pay for half of it now, half later. Win win situation, ya know? Here are my favorite F/W picks:

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