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Mint Chocolate Chip, Hold The Chocolate Chip

Mint Chocolate Chip, Hold The Chocolate Chip

Today we celebrate MINT. The unsung hero of the flavor Mint Chocolate Chip. You see, chocolate is always the one in the spotlight. “I am totally craving chocolate right now” “I need chocolate in my life” “Chocolate is a girls best friend” yadda yadda blah blah blah. What about mint? Poor guy’s the foundation of the ice cream flavor. The foundation of the gum industry. The problem is, mint has gotten a rep as the hero of bad breath. Today we change that. Today we celebrate MINT in all its glory.

Ze color of ze season. I’m actually obsessifying over mint lately, if ya can’t tell. Spring is in the air stores and I am itching to dress for the new season. I can’t wait to wear head to toe pastels a la Philip Lim’s spring runway show.

Do you not faint??? This puts me into a chocolate pastel coma. See what I did there?

I already went out and made my first spring purchase. I was pining after A.L.C.’s mint story:

mint blazers, silk shirts and trousers OH MY.

I went with the more affordable version a la Zara:

Mint green button down with contrasting collar and placket, that’s what i’m talkin bout!

Let's not forget these psychedelic kaleidoscope-esque pastel jeans from Rag & Bone (photo from Intermix Spring Lookbook, top A.L.C., shoes Jimmy Choo, bag Mulberry)

I’m in LURVE.

Bottom line, mint is yummy. The color, the flavor, the leaf, the toothpaste. Ya can’t go wrong.


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