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Men’s Lib

Men’s Lib

There I was, munching on dried mango, listening to JT’s new single (bless that man for coming back to music) on repeat, perusing the Fall 2013 Men’s fashion collections when I landed on Christopher Bailey’s collection for Burberry Prorsum. He called his collection “I ♥ Classics” in which he literally had hearts parading on men’s sweaters, scarves and shirts. It was fun and sort of cheeky for a hot second and then it hit me. These men are literally wearing their hearts on their sleeves, chests, six pack abs and necks! What if Christopher Bailey, ever so discreetly, was suggesting something deeper, using his heart print as a reflection of the times?


Maybe it was a conscious effort by Mr. Bailey or maybe I am just reading into it, but there has never been a time like today when men were more willing to wear their hearts on their sleeves, literally and figuratively. As much as we love to talk about women progressing in terms equality, I think men have, maybe inconspicuously, come a long way too.

Today, more than ever, I find that men generally behave more sensitively and more emotionally and it’s kind of awesome. I find more men who are willing to express their creative and artistic sides without having to check their machismo at the door, which is incredibly refreshing. The new macho: Men who are okay with talking about gooey stuff like feelings, men who help out in the kitchen, men who change dirty diapers, men who don’t mind tweeting that they just took a pottery class…and liked it, men who are okay with crying and men who wear pink. I would even venture to say women like men better that way.

So enough about women’s lib. Just kidding, we’ll never stop talking about that. But it is nice to give men’s lib the spotlight for a change. Wear those hearts on your sleeves brothas!

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