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Lulu Frost Yourself

Lulu Frost Yourself

lulu frost necklace

Orbit necklace by Lulu Frost on Moda Operandi

Last week, I paid a friendly visit to the Lulu Frost studio and let (pause) me (pause) tell (pause) you, it was magical.

Picture a wide open space with incredibly high ceilings and antique chests of drawers filled with the most amazing vintage charms, chains and brooches at every corner. Picture a long raw wood table surrounded by young beautiful girls, dressed just as you would picture the Lulu Frost girl dressed, working side by side with Lisa Salzer, the founder of Lulu Frost. Picture inspiration boards that you want to frame and hang in your room because they are that awesome. And of course, the jewelry. I got a sneak peak at their Fall 13 collection called Supernova and it was RAD. It looked like the glam Lulu Frost and an edgified rock star got together and had this really cool baby named Supernova.

lulu frost


lulu frost necklace

Every time I say that name all I want to do is sing Champagne Supernova all day long. You too? That's cray.

What I love about the Lulu Frost brand is their ability to infuse soul into every piece they create through the materials and the story behind the inspiration. There's always something more. When Lisa was showing me their new unisex collection called George Frost, she explained that a set of beaded necklaces were patterned in morse code to spell out LUCK and LOVE and another necklace was made from real grenade pins.

George frost lulu frost

I really think that Victory ring would compliment my finger very well. In other news, unexpected gifts are the BEST.

Tell me your thoughts, because unfortunately I am not Edward Cullen...

Also- please tell me someone caught my How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days reference in the title...

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