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London & Milan Do Fashion Week Too

London & Milan Do Fashion Week Too

I absolutely adore seeing fashion week in geographical context. Each city puts it's own distinct stamp on fall fashion which I find to be bloody awesome. Speaking of bloody awesomeness, London fashion week is so much fun to follow. It is the city with the most creative, daring and fearless designers who's collections emulate the city that stands for cooky individualism.

Let's start with Mary Katrantzou. 

mary katrantzou fall 13 collection

Her show is one of the most anticipated shows because each season she pulls a UPS and delivers. (Woh woh…) She is known for her usually colorful prints but this season went for a moodier, more monochromatic vibe and I'm diggin it, no diggity. Wearing her designs is like wearing a piece of art. It's like "Dear MOMA, frame me and hang me on your wall, will ya?"

Another favorite from London was J.W. Anderson. 


I'm not sure what the theme or the inspiration was here and I'm not sure that it always matters, because sometimes a collection is just cool. Everything about it felt new and offbeat but so balanced at the same time. The mixture of fur with nylon, the placement of the pockets, the one sided color bands, it all came together for an austere yet warm collection. He is one emerging designer you need to keep your eyes on. Oh, and thanks for supporting the garbage bag trend, J.W. I was tormented for many college years for wearing my Moncler jacket that some evil friends liked to refer to as The Garbage Bag Jacket.

Christopher Kane always bring the excitement with kooky themes and dimensional designs.

christopher kane fall 13

There is something so British about his clothes. It's designed for the London girl who's confidence is a 10 and truly uses fashion as a means to self-expression. I love the dimension and the texture of his clothing. His designs are so intricate yet worn with so much ease (re natural hair and makeup).

Let's discuss Milan. Things. Got. Furry.

fendi fall 13

Fur glasses, booties, bangles, belts, bags, scarves and most importantly, fur mohawks took over the Fendi runway. Fun fact: Fendi's FF logo was originally a sixties thing that stood for Fun Furs. How funnay?

Marni Fall 13

At Marni, we saw fur gorilla mittens, similar to the ones seen at Alexander Wang and Altuzarra. I also loved their leather backpacks. NEED ONE.

One show I couldn't get behind, no matter how many rave reviews I read about it was Prada.

Prada fall 13

I think Katy Perry was singing about my relationship with Prada in that song "you're hot then you're cold." Last season I was hot, this season I'm cold. I tweeted last week that I sometimes believe Miuccia is playing a joke on the fashion industry. Sorta like she has license to do anything, because she is Prada and no matter what it is she come up with, we all are required to ooooh and aaaah because she is Prada. She has been called the queen of ugly, and sometimes I get it but other times I just don't. This collection killed me. The clothes managed to make even Adriana Lima look dumpy, shlumpy and frumpy! Blasphemy! It's possible that my taste is not sophisticated enough to understand the appeal here but I just can't see someone fawning over these clothes and saying "Look at that ill-fitting silver dress over a black wrinkled t-shirt with a brown suede belt! It is to die for! $2,500? It's worth it!" Ya feel me?

The reason this is especially peculiar to me is that there are times when I look at a collection and hate it but I can totally understand how someone can love it. This time I can't. Can. Not. I need your help on this one, because Vogue, Style.com, WWD, the NY Times are all singing her praises as I scratch my head in confusion. Am I the only one who doesn't get it?!

Explain the appeal, I'm begging you! Or tell me you're on Team I-Don't-Get-It too so that I can be one less lonely girl (that's for you Biebs). Talk to me.

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