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Misplaced Sunglasses Syndrome

Misplaced Sunglasses Syndrome

I have a trivia question for ya: what is the number one most often misplaced accessory on planet earth?

The correct answer, as evident by the title of this post and according to my not-at-all scientific studies is sunglasses! What do we have for em Johnny?

It's been an issue since the dawn of sunglasses. We tend to invest in a good pair and as careful as we are, we just can't seem to remember where we put them. We look everywhere! We check the sock drawer, the freezer, in desperate situations we may even check the garbage can, but they always manage to vanish. I sometimes blame J.K Rowling for inventing the invisibility cloak. Like, gee, thanks a lot J.K. How about you stop hiding behind your fake name and give us our sunglasses back.

Don't fret, though. If you have MSS (Misplaced Sunglasses Syndrome) there is hope. I HAVE A SOLUTION! And thankfully, it has nothing to do with Harry Potter or magic cloaks.

Knockaround wayfarer sunglasses

knockaround wayfarer sunglasses with mirror lenses

The solution came to me as a gift in a box labeled KNOCKAROUND, carrying a bag of Pop Rocks (I'm not sure why, but I'm not complaining) and a rad pair of sunglasses (shown above on vintage Vogue covers. I guess you can say I edgified Brooke Shields.) Here's the catch: they are sooo inexpensive they'll make you say "Whaaaat?! How? That's mad cray!" They range from $14-$38. That's like saying you can either buy 2 shower caps or 1 pair of sick sunglasses...AKA, CHUMP CHANGE!

The best part is, when you inevitably misplace them, you can guiltlessly buy another one or two, or thirty seven, whatever floats yo boat. So is that brilliant or brilliant? Brilliant. 

The moral of the story is: when you stumble upon something awesome, share it with the class.

What do you think? Are you as stoked as I am or am I overreacting?

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