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Jewelry Posing as Medical Bandages

Jewelry Posing as Medical Bandages

Jennifer Fisher Band-aid ring

I came across this crazy awesome band-aid ring by Jennifer Fisher.

Three reasons I think that it’s brilliant:

  1. You can fool people into thinking that you bruised your finger so bad that a regular band-aid wouldn’t do. You needed a gold one. Reap the benefits of sympathy and live happily ever after.
  2. It’s a great conversation piece. When a hot guy asks you about it’s significance at a party, you can make up a glorious story about how you gilded this band-aid that you saved from your childhood to remember this one time when you jumped in front of your classmates to catch a tumbling stack of papers so that no one else would get hurt. While you, you and your brave young soul, got a nasty paper cut so that no one else would have to. And this gold band-aid is a badge of honor that reminds you of the bravery within. Boom. You’re a hero. Hot guy wants to put a ring on it. And not the band-aid kind. (Wink wink)
  3. Keep Nelly alive. Show your love for the has-been rapper by wearing his iconic facial bandaid on your finger. In gold. BAM.
More affordable version by Michelle Lopez.
Bandaid ring

It actually reminds me of my all-time favorite ring by Elizabeth & James, the one my grandma mistook for a splint. I would like to go ahead and make the statement that jewelry posing as medical bandages is in fact a trend. A really really rad trend. And I support it. 

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