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It’s Tommy (Ton) Time!

It’s Tommy (Ton) Time!

Today, we remix MC Hammer and street style: It's Hammer Tommy Time! Weak? Forgive me, I'm still suffering from side effects of the Polar Vortex.

It has come to pass, that Fashion Week is to Tommy Ton's street style photos as Andre Leon Talley is to dramatic capes, as Suzy Menkes is to the mini hair poof, and as Jenna Lyons is to thick black glasses.... that is to say one is not fully complete without the other.

Men's Fashion Week is no different. We got ourselves a chock full o' eyeball feasts from Tommy Ton straight from the streets of Milano. This dose of street style eye candy was quite refreshing in a way. There were more anonymous faces and less contrived street style than we're used to, can I get a Woop Woop? As for what's trending on the streets of Milan, there were plenty of fun fedoras to be seen, lots of fur accessories and a healthy dose of plaid too. WHO'S EXCITED?!


 A photograph like this makes me wonder if these three men called each other up the night before and planned to wear a different colored wide brimmed hat, the same way we (I) used to plan to match blue scrunchies and striped socks with my best friend in 3rd grade (fine 8th grade).


 Sometimes understated ease in the form of a fringed poncho and some rad rings is more interesting than a head-to-toe Prada Fall 2014 look, yaknowwhatamean?




 Furry bags that'll make your average passerby stop and wonder "Where oh where has that dog's head gone, where oh where can it be?!"



 Blanket scarves and distressed plaid: my kinda getup.


There's always at least one Tommy Ton photo in the mix that turns me into a Joaquin Phoenix, if you will, and makes me shout at my computer "I WANT TO BE YOU." This is that photo.

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