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Iris Apfel: A Fashion Legend

Iris Apfel: A Fashion Legend

Today, not only is it my rad cousin Rachel's 22nd birthday, but it's also Iris Apfel's 92nd!

Just so you know, I have a thing for senior citizens. Like, I just really have a soft spot for elderly people. They're usually super wise, super funny and super cute. Iris Apfel is all of the above, plus she's a bold, colorful, eccentric style legend who completely obsessifies me. This woman is FIERCE. She's known for her signature round black glasses, her bright accessories and her loud printed dresses. But aside from all that, her confident, self-assured personality makes you want to be her best friend, even with a 70 year age difference.

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

In honor of her birthday, here are 15 of her best quotes that will inspire you, make you laugh and fall madly in love with her.

1. About fashion: “It’s all attitude. Attitude, attitude, attitude.”

2. “To lead the good life in New York, the two most important things for a woman are a chauffeur and a fur-lined raincoat. If you have those two things, you’re made.”

3. "I don’t expect to find inspiration. It just sort of comes. Sometimes you step on a bug and you get inspired."

4. “I’m a color person, I’ve never been known to play it safe. Plus I like big bags. My eyeglasses are so big; they don’t fit into smaller bags.”

5. "You have to know yourself and know what you can carry. If you’re not comfortable, no matter how well dressed you are, you’re not going to look right. I’d rather be happy and feel comfy."

6. "More is more and less is a bore."

7. "If you don’t learn constantly, you don’t grow and you will wither. Too many people wither on the vine. Sure, it gets a little harder as you get older, but new experiences and new challenges keep it fresh."

8. "I’ve been doing this for over 70 years, and I haven’t changed. I haven’t changed my style, I haven’t changed my thinking, I haven’t changed my look, and now everybody’s dancing up and down and jumping around."

9. "I don’t play cards, I don’t play golf, I don’t like to go to ladies’ luncheons—to me, that’s a fate worse than death—and this gives me purpose. I’m so grateful."

10. "Just keep in mind I’m the world’s oldest living teenager."

11. "Caviar is my drug of choice."

12. “If you put something together and it doesn’t look so good, the fashion police are not going to come a take you away. And if they do, you might have some fun in jail.”

13. "Getting older ain’t for sissies, I’ll tell you."

14. "I just happened to see this dress and fell in love with it. I love the colors, and I love to hide my turkey neck, so that was good."

15. "You don’t have to look like an old fuddy-duddy, but I believe it was Chanel who said, ‘Nothing makes a woman look so old as trying desperately hard to look young’. I think you can be attractive at any age. I think trying to look like a spring chicken when you’re not makes you look ridiculous."

And one for good luck: “Now when I walk down Fifth Avenue in the summertime I just want to throw up. It seems that the fatter and uglier people are, the fewer clothes they wear. The shorts and flip-flops and tight jeans on butts that go from here to Poughkeepsie.” She shudders. “I always say they should put people in jail for wearing clothes like that. Especially stretch jeans over size 10–they should be outlawed. Ten years ago people were starting to look like slobs in New York, now it’s an epidemic.”

And then there's this gem from the archives (it is Throwback Thursday):


Are you inspired? I am.

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