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In The Navy

In The Navy

Last week I was all like “Hats are having a unisex street style moment!” And this week I’m all like “I’m going to make my own street style moment with my own fancy hat!


First let’s talk about the hat. Last December, my mom and I spent a week in LA and found this winner boutique, although it would be more appropriate to call it a rustique. (BADUM BUM CH!) It’s called The Stronghold on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice and it’s good (intended to be read in that guttural Jim Carey voice). They’ve been around since 1895 (!!!) and they are all about old world workmanship. They still use authentic dying and production methods to create their denim. They also sell custom made boots using a last from the Civil War days. They sell vintage bow ties and rad hats, both of which I am now the proud owner of. Hence, the rad hat:



So didjya catch the navy theme going on here? Cool beans! So…ya. I like navy. A lot. So much that I invested in an allover navy Celine trapeze tote named Phoebe. But you already know that! (Disclaimer: If you didn’t already know that, I will assume you are an Edgify Me slacker, which is not a pretty look. Not. Pretty!)

It’s sorta, kinda, maybe my thang to take something I love and exaggerate it till the cows come home. Remember my plaid overdose? How about my allover green Gumby look? Or my head to toe white thang? So how about we call this one my Violet-from-Willy-Wonka-when-she-turns-into-a-blueberry look? I like it.

fashion blog with navy street style look envy celine trapeze tote chambray

nacy zara jacket perfect chambray shirt

navy celine trapeze tote with chambray and navy felt fedora navy sara jacket

Jil Sander booties monk strap navy and black patent leather

These shoes were probably the best investment I’ve made all year. Fine, the second best. Phoebe is definitely the best. Back to the shoes; I recently read an article in the NY Times about how investing in quality pieces, whether it be a good bike or a designer handbag, ends up saving you money in the long run.  They stay in good condition for years plus you feel better about them (read: they make you dance in front of the mirror) and therefore tend to keep them in use longer.

It’s something to ponder…

Now for the outfit deets: Hat, The Stronghold. Jacket, Zara. Chambray shirt, Bella Dahl. Bag, Celine. Jeans, J Brand. Shoes, Jil Sander, wedge version here. All photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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