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Impossibly Cool

Impossibly Cool

Fashion Week is a funny thing. Not haha funny (fine, sometimes) more like stop being so ridiculous funny. First, it’s never just one week, let’s be honest. It’s more like New York 2 And Change Fashion Weeks. I smell a new hashtag…#NY2ACFW. It’s, like totally catchier than #NYFW dontchya think?

Second, how confusing are the seasons? We should be wearing and celebrating Fall fashion in all its knit, wool and fur (sorry PETA) glory, but it’s swelter city out there so instead, we sort of fake Fall fashion as best as we can (because heaven forbid we wear white after labor day…I wore white yesterday. Call the popo!) while still keeping our sweat glands dry and happy. Oh, and the designers are showing Spring 2013 collections. Confusify me?

Evidence of my badass white after labor day look (GASP!) Jessie of Style & Pepper and I exemplify how you fake Fall fashion while keeping your sweat glands dry and happy…sleeveless army vest anyone?

Third, I always find myself looking forward to the “week” with mixed anticipations. On the one hand, I am on the edge (ify) of my seat waiting to see what Miuccia comes up with this time, what stunt Marc Jacobs will pull and what dream set Karl will invent. I get giddy jitters when I watch those shows, as season after season these designers create new fantasies for us to experience.

On the other hand, I have an itch to see the clothes that I will actually want to wear next season. What will Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang and Monika Chiang be showing? (So I like to rhyme on my blog. Shoot me. Don’t shoot me. Please?) The 10 Crosby Derek Lam collection was ROCKIN’, capital R, hold the G. They don’t always get as many points in the showmanship department, but the collections that showcase wearable clothes rockify my world just as much as the top designer collections do.

I attended the Monika Chiang presentation yesterday at Lincoln Center, courtesy of Linda Gaunt (hollaaa.)

I was so excited by what I saw there. First of all, Monika is impossibly cool. The rings, the glasses, everything about her oozed coolification. (New Edgify word alert. Use it. work it. Own it. Live it.)

The collection played on classic athletic styles, recreated with dramatic proportions in luxe fabrications. Bright, vibrant color stories pulled me in along with this great synergy between the clothes and accessories. I probably would’ve ripped the clothes right off the models bodies and run away with them if it wasn’t considered “socially unacceptable.” Don’t judge me.

Her collection was inspired by a recent trip to South Africa. “…From the vibrancy of Cape Town to the incredible colors and textures I encountered.”

The accessories deserve a megaphone style shoutout: THEY WERE RAD. She showed single sole chunky heels with a sporty feel to them. “It’s no longer about the platform.” Monika, I couldn’t agree more. Although my poor feet wish I didn’t agree as much…Feet would probably win the award for The Most Abused Body Parts…I should treat them to a spa pedicure…

Not to mention she booked the hottest DJ of the moment: Chelsea Leyland AKA Rockstar.

I finally figured out how to open my blog for comments! I know. Its about friggin time.

Now tell me: which shows do you most anticipate? Top designer fantasy land or the more wearable rockstars?

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