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If I Didn’t Post it, Did it Really Happen?

If I Didn’t Post it, Did it Really Happen?

Bill Cunningham

Funny story... Last night as I was walking out of the elevator at the St. Regis hotel, the adorable Bill Cunningham was walking in. Yes, Bill the pioneer of street style photography. Yes, he was wearing his trademark blue coat. No, he didn't have his bike with him.

I'm sure the absence of a photo with my arm around Bill already has you skeptical of the story at hand. As they say, no photo, no proof. I didn't tweet about it either (GASP). The thing is, I panicked. I was actually really star struck and in those 3 seconds of opportunity I blew it. I let that iconic man walk right by me without acknowledging his presence. How could I?! Where was that Carpe Diem spirit when I needed it?

It actually bothers me that this encounter feels like a missed opportunity. Ten years ago I would have been so ecstatic just to have crossed paths with Bill. I would've called my fashion-y friends and freaked out about the whole thing. They would say "SHUT. UP." and I would overreact and gush about how my heart literally stopped when I realized it who it was and that would be that. But today, if I didn't share it on social media, we're kind of all conditioned to doubt my story's validity. It suddenly doesn't feel all that exciting anymore. And that makes me sad. Experiencing life no longer feels like enough without sharing it with friends, family and other random strangers who follow us on social media. Not only that, but the approval or disapproval of said momentous experiences are immediately voted on in the form of likes, comments or retweets, or lack thereof. The panic of missing a a snapshot of something exciting, inspirational or brag-worthy has us glued to our phones at any given time. This is madness!

With this on my mind, I've been making a conscious effort to stop myself from posting certain experiences. That's not to say I've gone cold turkey, but once in a while I stop myself from sharing an event and in turn I gain ownership over it, without the approval or even awareness of my followers which I find quite refreshing. It's fun! I suddenly have a lot of unshared stories to talk to friends about. Stories they haven't already seen on my Instagram feed.

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