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I Got It From My Mama

I Got It From My Mama

In honor the the day in which we honor the woman who gave birth to us and raised us to be such fine adults (I speak for myself here) AKA Mother's Day, I'd like to delve into a list of sorts, because who doesn't love a list? Without further adieu, I present:

5 Things I've Inherited From My Momzo (or in the words of Will.i.am., I got it from my mama):

  1. Dance-ability. Growing up, my mom was an insanely talented modern dancer, and luckily, a fraction of those genes were passed onto me to make me a quasi talented hip hop dancer (hashtag fun fact). RAD.
  2. Bunions. Not so rad. Four years ago we had surgery together to have them removed. We walked around NY wearing black surgical booties for two months, and I am pretty sure we are the ones responsible for starting up the clunky-Birkenstock-esque footwear trend again. You're welcome.
  3. Don't mess attitude. My mom is the most loving, caring and sympathetic mom like, ever but she also has a serious Brooklyn attitude if anyone crosses her. If you dare cut her in line, complain about her kid's behavior in school or mumble something rude, you're gonna hear it. It's awesome. She's so fierce. I always loved that side of my mom; no nonsense. I consider it one of the finer qualities I've inherited from her.
  4. Girl Power. My mom is all about girl power. There's nothing that can stop her in her pursuits to change the world. She quotes Beyonce's Who run the world? Girls just as often as I do. Because I was fortunate enough to have her as an example growing up, I had this insatiable hunger to chase my dreams. Whatevs, my mom is a rock star.
  5. Her sense of style. Myth has is that as a fetus, I would kick like a Jackie Chan embryo every time my mom would try on something amazing. My poor mom got kicked a lot in those 9 months, all because she has sick style. My mom is definitely a "cool mom." She's like Stacy's mom, she's got it going on.

Whenever I find something that I love in her closet, I'll tell her that I'm borrowing it for a bit. When she asks where her necklace/belt/scarf/hat/sunglasses that I borrowed are, I break the news that I've actually adopted them and she can't have them back. Most of the time she graciously obliges, because lucky for me, she's insanely generous. The one section of her closet that will remain undesecrated by my Angelina Jolie style adoptions is her shoe closet. Sadly we have different sized feet. That's where I feel slighted…I got her bunions, couldn't I at least get her Miu Miu lace up booties as a consolation prize?! No. No I couldn't.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few of my favorite adopted-from-my-mom-pieces-so-technically-we-can-call-them-my-sisters, you follow?

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 2.49.45 PM

 As they say, there's always an exception to the rule. Although most of her shoes don't fit me, these bad boys were too small on my mom so they were passed onto me. G-d bless you Hego's Liverpool for making your shoes run a full size smaller than usual. This scenario also happened 3 years ago with a pair of Prada heels. G-d really does love me.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 2.50.52 PM

I was with her when she bought this hat in LA so really it's a sign that we (that hat and I) were meant to be together from day one. It took me a while to get the adoption papers filed for this one, but alas, it is mine!


I know they say you shouldn't pick favorites when it comes to children, especially adopted children but I'm going to break that rule and say this is my favorite adopted child. Don't fret, it's legal because a. it's a necklace, not a child and b. it's a silly rule, there's always an obvious favorite child, in my family her name starts with an L and ends with an aura. (wink wink)

And the clincher: her Giorgio Armani sunglasses from 1994!

On me now...


And on her then!


There are so many good things about that old picture! Ten to be exact: 1. My matching Minnie Mouse getup. 2. My floral cozy cap. 3. My mom and I rocking the flat brim. 4. Yvonne's photo bomb action. 5. The multiple straws in my hand (all 3 of us are serial straw hoarders till this day). 6. My mom's striped shirt that could easily be from Marc Jacobs' Spring 13 collection. 7. My bangs. 8. All of our bangs. 9. That belt. 10. Me and Yvonne are matching.

I'm totally into lists right now, couldjya tell?

Guys. Girls. I need to know, is it just my awesome mom that let's me adopt her stuff, or are there other rad moms out there that do the same? Tell me stories!

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