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How To Mix Prints and Patterns

How To Mix Prints and Patterns


All photos by Lydia Hudgens

When the new year rolled around (like it does every year…pff so predictable) I thought about some sartorial resolutions. I'm not really a fan of resolutions, that word feels so constraining, so hand-cuffy. But I figured, if I don't hold myself to it, it's still fun to reflect on how I'd want to present myself to the world via clothing, ya know?

Point of that Throwback-Thursday Monday new years resolution hullaballoo? One of my fake resolutions, (fake-o-lutions?) was to try to incorporate more prints and patterns into my wardrobe. I usually prefer playing with color, texture and silhouette so I decided it was time to shake thangs up a la Florence + the Machine.

This is the story of the birds and the beads. When I found these Theory bird print PJ pants, and this embellished blue oxford shirt from J. Crew, I knew it was the most unlikely yet perfect of matches. And because I am super competitive when it comes to challenges (even ones created by me, for me) I chose to wear the print and the pattern together, WHUT. Like they say, go big or go home. I'm already home so my only real option was to go big, ya dig?


My tongue is pointy, how about yours?



The simple pleasures in life are sometimes about taking a catnap while making a fishy face.

picasion.comHats off to mixing prints and patterns, y'all.

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