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Helmets: The Fashion Makeover

Helmets: The Fashion Makeover

Fun fact about me: I am a very big fan of protecting skulls, AKA wearing helmets. Up until now, the helmet was probably the only accessory I'd concede defeat and wear regardless of aesthetics. I can't say I was thrilled about putting a strange looking turtle shell that inevitably breeds hat hair on my head, but I did it anyway.

About 2 weeks ago I realized I would need a helmet if I ever want to attempt riding a Citi Bike, which led to a magical lightbulb moment. I turned to Yvonne, my little croissant sistah sistah and said "How brilliant would it be if I designed edgified helmets?! It's a major gap in the market!" Fast forward 2 weeks and everyone and their grandmother are in a frenzy over the New York Times article titled Bicycle Helmets as Fashion Statements.

BOOM. Apparently a lot of people have beat me to the punch. At first I was all like "Thanks for stealing my billion dollar concept you guys." And then I got all glass-is-half-full and thought, "Sweet! Now I can skip the business plan, fund raising, design and production stages and instead order a cool croco helmet and call it a day." But really this is groundbreaking. It's about TIME. My favorite part about all of this is what they pointed out in the NY Times piece; "More options leave fewer reasons for cyclists to go unprotected." Protect yo skullz people!

I picked out my favorites from my billion-dollar-idea-thieves:

Sahn Fashion bike helmet

 Sahn: Bike helmets with a clean, sleek equestrian vibe to them. I'm crushing on the white version, hashtag obvi.

sawako furuno fashion bike helmets

Sawako Furuno: Winning my vote right now for obvious reasons such as the use of CROCO and LEOPARD on HELMETS. That's what's up.

air bag helmet

This one is WILD. Created by Hovding, you wear it as a collar around your neck and inflates like an airbag in the event of an accident. I may wanna wear it with the airbag opened already, ya know, just in case the sensors take too long and also because it looks RAD that way. It's like moon boots... for your head!


Yakkay got fancy and created helmet covers that look like hats! Brilliant concept. Although I do wish they had a cooler selection of hats. Would a white leather baseball cap be too much to ask for?

I mean, I still may decide to pursue this you guys. I think there's potential here. Would you buy my designs? Wouldjya? Wouldjya?

Also, I need your opinion. Which should I buy?!

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