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GUESS Where I Bought This Skirt

GUESS Where I Bought This Skirt

Tonight, I was enlightened by none other than my pops. Trying to impressify him with my thrifty spending abilities, I proceeded to ask him; “Hey Dad! Guess where I bought my skirt from, just guess!” That’s when he said; “Easy. Has to be H&M. You wouldn’t be asking me to guess if it were from Bergdorf’s.” BAM. Just like that, I got roasted by my own padre.


He was right! Skirt: H&M, Leotard: Danskin, Pumps: Sergio Rossi

That’s when I had a slight epiphany. People only challenge you to a guessing game when they want to impress you with their answer. It sets the stage for an entire conversation to ensue, solely about guessing their impressive answer, thereby highlighting it in the utmost dramatic way. See this hypothetical conversation:

A: “OMG! I love your skirt!”

B: “Thanks! Guess where I bought it from!” (Read: I know it looks really expensive but I’m going to make you play the guessing game because I can’t wait to see your jaw drop when you hear where it’s from.)

A: “Don’t tell me Zara…”

B: “Nope…” (This is said with a huge smirk plastered across B’s face)

A: “It’s definitely not from Barney’s or you wouldn’t be making me guess…” (A figured it out but the games still going and B is still impressifying.)

B: “Just guess! I can’t believe it’s taking you this long to guess!” (Yes she can, and she’s loving every minute of it.)

A: “H&M?!” (Hook, line and sinker. This is the part when A’s jaw drops.)


Common conversation? Definitely. But now that I’m over-analyzing and over-exaggerating the motive behind the guessing game, I find it brilliant!

“Orbit White gum keeps your teeth white. Brilliant!” Please read previous sentence in a British accent for the full effect.

Here are some more photos of me having a ball in my really inexpensive H&M skirt:


“You spin me right round baby, right round, like a record baby”


I. Like. To curtsy. I like. I like to curtsy.

(Read in the tune: I. Like. To party. I like.  I like to party.)


This is what I call THE WINK. It’s my secret flirting weapon.

Not to worry, this bad boy only comes out on special occasions. 

Back to my epiphany on the science behind the guessing game. I was blown away. And inspired to add a new installment to my blog. I’ll call it The GUESS Post. I’m guessing (pun most definitely intended) you’ve caught on to the nature of The GUESS Post by now.

In case you haven’t, I will break it down.

(side note/fun fact: a hobby of mine is breaking it down. I’m a hip-hop dancer. I will hip-hoppify you any day.)

Basically, the GUESS post will be me trying to impress you with my nifty thrifty fashion finds. FUN!

*This post is dedicated to The Best Dad Ever*

(Hoping to score major points for that preemptive Father’s Day plug)

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