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Grey Hoodies and White Oxfords

Grey Hoodies and White Oxfords

I’m still digging the athletic vibe that’s been happening in fashion for quite sometime now. Well actually, if we are going to be honest, Sporty Spice used to be my favorite Spice Girl. I KNOW. I seriously still can't figure out why I was so into the silver tooth, high ponytail, tight tank thing. I once tweeted "My biggest childhood regret was deciding that Sporty Spice was my favorite Spice Girl." But now I'm going to throw my child self a bone and say maybe I had this premonition of how cool sneakers, baseball hats and track pants would be in 2013. I was just really ahead of my time.

In the spirit of embracing my childhood love for Sporty Spice, I threw on my favorite Broadway Dance Center hoodie. When you want to Edgify the athletic vibe, it's all about juxtaposition. Wearing a baseball hat with a dress, a bomber jacket with heels or a grey hoodie with velvet pants. I’m even contemplating double-fisting sweatbands with a man tailored jumpsuit. I’m that into it.

Grey Hoodie white oxfords

 Two thumbs up for Sporty Spice.

Grey hoodie white oxfords


grey hoodie street style

That's my "Oh haaaay" face.

Grey hoodie street style

Broadway Dance Center hoodie. Equipment shirt. Alexander Wang Emile tote. Current/Elliot velvet pants. Rachel Comey oxfords. Ray-Ban sunglasses. Photos by the rad Lydia Hudgens.

White oxfords rachel comey

I also can’t stress the importance of a great pair of low-cut white oxfords (preferably worn sock-less) enough. I wear mine (Rachel Comey) in the dead on winter and plan to wear them through spring and that’s the beauty of them. If my styling doesn’t make you crave them, I think Andrea Lieberman’s (of the label A.L.C.) will.

A.L.C Fall 13



And this collection is for fall. They are a year-round investment people! Can we talk about how insanely perfect that collection is? Or we can discuss who your favorite Spice Girl was. Either one will suffice. Comment! Do it!

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