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Gingham Style

Gingham Style


Whoop whoop (whoop whoop) whoopa Gangnam Gingham style … I went there. It was too tempting a reference to refuse.

I just wanted needed to share these red gingham smoking slippers by Church's with you on this lovely Wednesday. I've dubbed them the Dorothy Mashup shoes. Taking the gingham pattern from her blue dress and the red from her ruby slippers, mashing them up like they were two great 90's pop songs on Glee, et voilá!

Don't they just make you happy? Sheryl Crow wants to know, if it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad? Maybe we're sad, Sheryl, because it rings up at a whopping (whop whop whop whoppa gingham style) $410. Sometimes with good fashion, it's satisfying enough to just talk about and admire rather than wear. Which is why I've written a blog post dedicated to these shoes… Am I satisfied? I'd say I am. That is until I get dressed one day in the near future in a pair of cuffed light wash skinny jeans, a crisp white oxford shirt and wish with all my heart that if I click my heels together, these Church's slippers will appear on my feet. Woh woh...

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